Why Japanese?

Two students and a Japanese lecturer in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch interview 9 Kiwis strong in Japanese. Their jobs are varied and do not fit the stereotypes normally associated with a language graduate. Hear what an accountant, digital marketing entrepreneur, international journalist, PR/marketing guru, international markets development manager, ESOL teacher, director of a rental property business and two students have to say about the difference Japanese has made in their career and life journeys. Japanese is the key to your exciting future!

Browse the videos below to get answers to some pressing questions you might have about studying Japanese. Watch the interviews, or, if you’re more interested in some of the BIG questions, go to 'Question Cuts'.

Question cuts

Watch the introduction, or find out the answers to some of the BIG questions (below the video)!

Why Japanese? Introduction

Japanese is the key to your exciting future! Find out what 9 Kiwis have to say about how learning the Japanese language has influenced their life direction.


Should I keep studying Japanese at senior high school and university?

Hear what some successful Kiwis say about whether you should drop Japanese when you have to start narrowing down your subject choices. In the words of one interviewee: “Poppycock!”.

Starting the Japanese journey

Successful Kiwis explain why they decided to learn Japanese.

Life skills

Successful Kiwis reflect on the life skills they picked up through learning Japanese.


Successful Kiwis talk about the opportunities that opened up to them because they learned Japanese.


Watch these interviews with nine Kiwis in different and exciting jobs, and see how Japanese has helped shape them and their careers. You can also skip straight to specific parts of the video by clicking on the questions below each name.

Director at Auckland Accounting firm Staples Rodway, Annette has built up the Japanese arm of the firm and employs staff with Japanese skills. Hear what Annette has to say about the benefits of having an extra 'something different' in your skill-set when it comes to the Great Job Hunt.

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