Amy Liang

Amy Liang University of Auckland

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at the University of Auckland. Currently, she is completing her Masters in Health Psychology which allows her to pursue research into both health and psychology, providing an ideal integration of two areas she is deeply passionate about.

For her Masters thesis, Amy is investigating the effects of a companion robot on individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Her research is exploring whether Paro, a pet-type robot modelled on a white, baby harp seal, will produce positive changes in physiological, emotional, behavioural and social measures for individuals with dementia at an aged care facility. Moreover, the research will incorporate novel aspects by exploring caregiver perspectives of Paro and whether having the robot in a home setting influences the caregiving experience. This is her first major research project and she is excited to be working in such an innovative field of research.

In the future, Amy hopes to work as a psychologist in a clinical setting, however she would like to do some volunteer work in Africa and Asia before she continues her training as a psychologist.

Aside from study, Amy is involved with Youthline and church activities, she also enjoys hiking, browsing antique shops and trying new culinary experiences.