Charlotte Wainwright

Charlotte Wainwright Massey University

Charlotte Wainwright began her tertiary career at Victoria University where she gained a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Psychology and Education. Subsequently she traveled to China where she lived and taught English for a year. A further year was spent traveling throughout Europe and the UK before returning to New Zealand. In 2013 Charlotte resumed her studies at Victoria and gained a first class honours degree in Psychology. In 2014 she was accepted into the doctorate of clinical psychology programme at Massey University.

Charlotte’s doctoral thesis comprises a number of different components including investigating the experiences of younger stroke survivors in New Zealand as well as looking at the relationship between their problem solving skills and levels of emotional distress. She is also conducting and evaluating therapy sessions designed to teach younger stroke survivors coping strategies to deal with problems that arise in their day to day lives. A major aim of her research is to reduce depression and anxiety levels and increase quality of life for her participants.

Charlotte’s passion for stroke research in younger adults began on a seven-year journey with a dear friend who suffered his stroke at age 19. The journey had its ups and downs, and Charlotte is hoping that through her research she can alleviate the suffering associated with stroke in other younger stroke survivors, both nationally and internationally. Further, it is her intention to see that the outcome of her research will help to raise public awareness of stroke in younger adults, and enable other mental health professionals to enhance younger stroke survivor’s quality of life.

Aside from her academic life, Charlotte loves to engage in volunteer work, particularly with children and youth. She loves spending quality time with her family and friends. She also loves surfing, snowboarding and diving, and spends as much time in the outdoors as possible, particularly with animals.