James Martyn

Massey University

James has always been passionate about people and their connectedness within their communities. After school, his desire to work with people on a daily basis led to an involvement in youth work and a certificate in leadership. After some years working with young people, he sought to develop his helping skills and began studying psychology with the goal of pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist.

James completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Otago University in psychology and education, followed by an Honours year at Massey University in Albany, Auckland. During his training, James gained experience working in mental health services for children, adolescents and adults. In 2017 he completed the research component of his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, with this research focusing on the investigation of a low-intensity CBT self-help programme for a community-dwelling older adult population with depression and anxiety. He is now working in mental health services for older people due to his interest in neuropsychology, to gain more experience in this area, and to ensure he has experience working with people of all ages and stages of life.

James remains passionate about working with families, so that children can develop within a healthy environment with supportive and loving parents. He hopes to use his leadership skills alongside his clinical knowledge to make a positive contribution in a teaching and/or voluntary capacity, for example by teaching psycho-educative skills to people of all ages in community settings. Now that he has formally finished his training, he will focus on putting these goals into action.