Joe McCarter

Joe McCarter Victoria University and Colorado State University

At time of writing, Joe is a postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, working on issues around bio-cultural conservation - the linked conservation of biological and cultural diversity. This involves researching linguistic diversity, conservation governance, and traditional environmental knowledge (TEK). These issues are becoming increasingly important as conventional conservation approaches are replaced with more people-centred and inclusive models.

Joe’s PhD research examined indigenous knowledge in Vanuatu. He was particularly interested in examining the ways in which this knowledge changes under the influence of globalization, especially formal schooling. He also became interested in the maintenance of environmental knowledge and practice in today's contexts, and worked closely with community groups in his focus communities to produce resources for knowledge transmission. Joe’s thesis involved interdisciplinary research into education, sociology, and ethnobiology and saw him in Vanuatu for over a year.

Joe is currently looking at options for future work that would continue these themes, in particular looking at the ways in which traditional institutions, knowledge, and practice, support resilience to environmental change in the Pacific. In his spare time, he is keeping very busy chipping away at the 50+ peaks over 14,000 ft in Colorado.