John Kerr

Victoria University of Wellington John Kerr

In a world plagued by ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’ John hopes his research will improve dialogue around contentious social issues. Currently a PhD student in the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, his research focuses on how people form – and change – attitudes and opinions about publically debated scientific issues like climate change, vaccination and gene editing.

John has taken circuitous route to doctoral research.  Following an honours degree in neuroscience, he has worked in laboratory, publishing and communications roles in New Zealand and the UK, picking up a Master's degree in science communication along the way. His most recent work as a Senior Media Advisor at the Science Media Centre stoked his interest in how people think about scientific issues and spurred his return to academia in 2016.

Outside of study, John participates in the Victoria International Leadership Programme and is a member of the Science Policy Exchange. His other interests include travel, running and training in Muay Thai kickboxing.