Scott Brebner

Scott Brebner Victoria University of Wellington

Scott graduated from Victoria University with a Master's degree in Design Innovation, majoring in Media Design. His thesis explored the incorporation of digital games into lower limb physiotherapy for older adults recovering from stroke. The utilization of game design in a rehabilitation process showed promise of increased levels of engagement, with expected outcomes including greater levels of adherence to a recovery program, increased enthusiasm and enjoyment and ultimately improved rates of recovery.

Since beginning his thesis, Scott's work has featured in the MedTech CoRE conference in New Zealand, as well as at the CUMULUS Open Design for Everything conference in Hong Kong. It is through these events that Scott found Exsurgo Rehab Ltd., a new company specialising in rehabilitative technology. He now works for Exsurgo as head of Software Design and Development, creating games and applications for experimental devices to be used in physiotherapy clinics and homes. He has collaborated on projects with Auckland University of Technology and Callaghan Innovation, one of which became a finalist for the national C Prize competition.

Scott believes digital games are capable of being far more than just entertainment. As a developing industry and art form, digital games are exploring ways of generating new and powerful experiences for people. Rehabilitation games have the potential to empower patients into taking control of their own recovery by making it both engaging and accessible.