Thomas Owen

Thomas Owen Massey University

Thomas Owen is a social justice researcher specialising in news media and global crises communication. His current research project examines news coverage of the global HIV/AIDS medicines access crisis, in particular looking at how transnational civil society organisations helped to define and publicise the impact of patent protection on global medicines access. Thomas researched this issue for his PhD thesis, completed in 2012. He is currently developing the research into a book for inclusion in the Peter Lang series, “Global Crises and the Media.” 

Thomas has a background in media education, having taught in media and communication departments at both Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington, where he is now employed as a Lecturer. He is co-ordinating a 200-level special topic for Victoria’s Media Studies programme titled “Global Crises and the News.” Thomas also researches and writes about indigenous education initiatives in Canadian Yukon First Nations, and has recently returned from a voluntary programme assisting peace and reconciliation projects in Western Kenya. Thomas believes firmly in the importance of progressive social justice and peace research, and is grateful to the SYLFF for making his, and other projects, possible. 

Thomas is the current recipient of the Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa/New Zealand Loxley Award for projects promoting peace, justice and environmental concerns.