Verena Boshra

Verena Boshra Massey University

Verena Boshra, a New Zealand-loving Egyptian, was raised in Auckland. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Auckland University, Verena went on to an Honours in Science degree (Psychology Major) at Massey University. At time of writing (August 2013), she is working towards a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Massey.

Her Doctoral thesis investigates the social-emotional skills that therapists demonstrate through their body language and what they say in therapeutic settings, as well as how these particular interactions influence client outcomes. Researchers are forever debating which form of therapy works ‘best’ for different kinds of presenting difficulties. Recently however, studies have indicated that it is not so much about what kind of therapy clinicians deliver, but how they deliver it.

During the summer of 2009/2010 she volunteered in India as part of a Paediatric Palliative Care initiative for children with terminal cancers. Verena credits this experience for teaching her many life lessons: that making a difference can be achieved through something as simple as a caring smile, that being happy isn’t about what we don’t have, but about what we do and that reaching out a hand to help those in need can be of greater value to the helper than the helped.

Verena is working towards a career as a clinician in the Child, Youth and Family sector, and aims to empower families and individuals to reach their personal goals.

Aside from her academic life, Verena loves spending quality time with her family, socialising with friends, travelling and embracing different cultures, church, brisk walks and romantic comedies.