Wayne McCallum

Lincoln University Wayne MacCallum

On December the 24th 2003 Wayne handed his Sylff-supported PhD thesis—Community Environmental Management in New Zealand: Exploring the realities in the metaphor—into the university library before pitching up, five days later, on a remote riverbank in Cambodia to begin work on a community forest project. In the years since, much of them spent in the Mekong kingdom, Wayne has been pecked by Sarus cranes, had a camera destroyed by orangutans and been punched by an angry elephant.

Currently the Executive Director of the Song Saa Foundation, working to promote coastal and marine conservation in southern Cambodia, Wayne attributes the paths he has taken, in part, to the insights garnered from his Sylff supported studies. These ‘paths’, however, have not been strictly academic and have included authoring two books, co-founding a literary festival and contributing to several regional magazines. Now, in the shadows of the world famous temples of Angkor Wat, Wayne is putting his experience to a new use—establishing the region’s first combined tropical forest garden and eco-literacy hub.

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