Violet Wickham Memorial Bursary

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Closing date: 03/03/2020   


Level of study

The Violet Wickham Memorial Bursary assists agriculture students at Massey University who would otherwise be unable to study due to financial hardship

The Violet Wickham Memorial Bursary arises from a bequest to Massey University in 2016 by Brian Wickham, a Massey alumni and important contributor to the field of animal farm breeding in New Zealand. The bequest is in memory of his mother Violet Wickham, a women committed to helping those less fortunate than herself

Value and tenure
The bursary is awarded annually.

The number and value of the bursaries awarded is dependent on the interest earned on the capital fund. The bursary may be renewed, a maximum of two times.

The bursary is intended to cover costs associated with the course of study, with any remainder covering living expenses.

To be eligible, applicants must:
be born in New Zealand
show evidence of academic achievement (B average or better)
provide evidence of financial hardship.

Selection criteria
Selection will be made on the basis of:
academic merit (based on applicant’s first year grades) and demonstrated financial hardship,
a desire to pursue a career in agriculture and a commitment to helping others achieve their life goals as demonstrated in the cover letter accompanying the application

Selection panel
The selection panel will be the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee.

The bursary will be awarded by the University Scholarships Committee on the recommendation of the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee.

Conditions of the bursary
The Violet Wickham Bursary may be held in conjunction with other scholarships, bursaries or awards, so long as those scholarships, bursaries or awards permit co-tenure.

Closing date
10 September

Application cannot be accepted before 03/12/2019.

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