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Massey University Masterate Scholarship

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Closing date: 01/07/2020   


Level of study

The Massey University Masterate Scholarship and The Massey University Masterate Scholarship for Māori Students encourage postgraduate research at Massey University.

In these regulations the term Masterate Scholarship includes a Masterate Scholarship for Māori Students unless stated otherwise.

Value and tenure
The value of each scholarship is $15,000. The University Scholarships Committee may reduce the value of a scholarship to meet the circumstances of individual applicants.

Payments are made in four equal instalments in April, June, August and October, provided enrolment is approved and Massey University has confirmed attendance by the recipient. Payments for recipients commencing their research in semester two are made in August (on confirmation of enrolment), October, April (on confirmation of re-enrolment) and June.

Every scholarship is tenable at Massey University for a maximum of 12 months devoted to full-time research. The tenure of every Masterate Scholarship commences by either 1 April (February round) or by 1 September (July round). No deferrals beyond these dates are permitted. Those applying in the 1 February round must be due to start their research component at that time, those applying for the 1 July round must be due to start their research component mid-year.

Typical number on offer
The number of Masterate Scholarships awarded each year is discretionary and contingent on available funding. Up to two Masterate Scholarships for Māori Students are awarded each year.

Applicants must be enrolled or eligible to enrol full time in the research component of their master’s degree at Massey University: 180-credit masterate, 240-credit masterate, 120-credit masterate by research only. The research component must consist of between 90 and 120 credits and can include research methods and a thesis, research report, professional inquiry or project.

Part-time students are not eligible.

Consideration will normally only be given to students with a grade point average (GPA) of 7.5 or better (on a nine-point scale). This is above an average grade of A-.

Applicants liable for international tuition fees must obtain additional funding to pay the international fees.

An offer of a Masterate Scholarship is not an offer of admission to Massey University, nor does it imply Massey University approval of enrolment in an approved programme of research for a master’s programme.

Selection criteria
The selection criteria are the results of the course component of the master’s and the supervisor evaluation.

Selection panel
The scholarships are awarded by the University Scholarships Committee. It has the right to refrain from making an award if there are no suitable applicants and its decision is final.

Conditions of the scholarship
Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, every recipient will, during the tenure of the scholarship, be enrolled as a full-time student of Massey University and pursue at Massey University a programme of research approved by the relevant Massey University College Academic Director for the master's degree.

Recipients are expected to work 40 to 50 hours a week on their masterate qualification.

Recipients intending to pursue part of their approved programme of research at a university or other approved institution overseas are required to inform the University Scholarships Committee in writing of the intended overseas study period, with a statement of support for this plan from their supervisor. Payments to recipients who proceed overseas are made in New Zealand currency into a New Zealand bank account.

Recipients must advise the relevant College Academic Director’s office and the University Scholarships Committee of their intention to cease active involvement in full-time study, or to convert to part-time study, in their approved programme of research.

Masterate Scholarships may be terminated at any time at the discretion of Massey University for the following reasons:
•lack of satisfactory academic progress in the recipient’s approved programme of research or
•breach by the recipient of any of Massey University’s rules or regulations.

Any Masterate Scholarship or part thereof may be tenable with any other scholarship, bursary or award where the total value of all awards does not exceed $22,000 per annum.

The University Scholarships Committee may, at its discretion, relax or modify the application of any of these regulations in any special circumstances or to avoid hardship to any applicant for a scholarship or any person in receipt of a Masterate Scholarship.

Closing date
Applications close on 1 July to commence tenure by 1 September in the current year, or on 1 February to commence tenure by 1 April in the current year. Incomplete or late applications are not accepted.

Applications from international applicants cannot be accepted until they have applied for admission and been given a Massey University student ID.

Application cannot be accepted before 01/04/2020.

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