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Garrick Latch Postgraduate Travel Grants


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January 28 2022 to March 10 2022
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Scholarship search | Garrick Latch Postgraduate Travel Grants

Garrick Latch Postgraduate Travel Grants

Dr Garrick Latch completed a Master of Agricultural Science at Massey University in 1958. He was then awarded a Fulbright Scholarship that led to a PhD in plant pathology from the University of Wisconsin. Returning to New Zealand in 1960 Dr Latch joined the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and established a sub-station of the Plant Disease Division in Palmerston North. He assisted plant breeders to develop disease resistance in grasses and legumes and also used pathogenic fungus for biological control of pasture insects. It was this work that brought Dr Latch to the attention of the Food and Agriculture Organisation which enlisted his help to develop a strain of fungus to control the coconut Rhinoceros beetle in Tonga and Samoa. The Garrick Latch Postgraduate Travel Grants were established in 2017.

We're looking for a doctoral student researching and area related to plant pathology, molecular plant pathology or a closely related field of study at Massey University. You will be attending an international conference at which they will present some of the results of your research or travelling overseas for a short period of work to assist with your doctoral programme.

This is a doctoral scholarship. You will be undertaking research in plant pathology or molecular plant pathology

When choosing our recipients, we will consider your academic achievements. We will also consider your research area.


You must:

  • be studying a specific subject
  • be a New Zealand citizen
  • be studying full-time

Application checklist

Please include the following with your application:

  • your academic transcripts for any tertiary study completed outside of Massey University
  • the details of the international conference or overseas travel this grant would support. Include the location, dates and reason for travel.
  • a statement on how receiving this scholarship would be of benefit to you, and how you believe you meet the intentions of this award. This should include details of your research and how the proposed travel would assist this
  • a budget for the proposed travel, including all associated costs such as (but not limited to) registration fee, travel, accommodation. This must also include any other sources of funding for this travel

View the regulations for more details