School of Food and Advanced Technology – operations and engineering innovation staff

Head of Group

  • Associate Professor Sanjay Mathrani

    Associate Professor Sanjay Mathrani

    Associate Professor in Product Development - School of Food and Advanced Technology


    Dr Mathrani is an Associate Professor in the Operations and Engineering Innovation (OEI) department within the School of Food and Advanced Technology.  His particular specialism is in ICT applications in engineering and operations to promote transformational development in areas of design and innovation, manufacturing and supply chain, and the field of enterprise system and business intelligence technology. He leads coordination of graduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, food technology and supply chain disciplines and supervises doctoral programmes. Dr Mathrani is the Dean for second year BE (Hons), a Chartered Professional Engineer from Engineering New Zealand and a consultant to industry.

All staff

  • Dr Carel Bezuidenhout

    Dr Carel Bezuidenhout

    Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management - School of Food and Advanced Technology


    Carel has expertise in agricultural supply chain management, logistics and transport. He has strong skills in analytics (including forecasting and modelling) and he works best in hands-on real-word problem solving. His current research focus is in perishable supply chain management, supply chain practitioner skills and competencies, and supply chain disruptions under disaster management situations. 

  • Dr Nicola Brown

    Dr Nicola Brown

    Senior Lecturer in Project Based Learning - School of Food and Advanced Technology


    My main area of expertise is Environmental Engineering. One area of my research focuses on recovering useful components from wastewater including nutrient and energy via biogas. I am also involved in a number of projects which are developing new biotechnologies for waste treatment.

    The majority of my teaching is in project based learning courses for Engineering and Food Technology students. I enjoy using different teaching and assessment techniques. Recently this has also included developing engaging online content which encourages active learning. When possible, I publish my findings in Engineering Education journals.

  • Chris Chitty

    Chris Chitty

    Research Laboratory Technical Manager - School of Built Environment


    Chris is highly regarded as an innovator, and has excellent relationships with end-users. 

    His reputation as a technology-focussed innovator with an unusual approach to solutions means he is often approached by individuals and companies seeking advice on products or technologies.


    Through his work with the “Let’s Get Inventing” TV show he was further able to inspire, advise and assist young inventers to create and patent their dreams.


    Chris has vast professional experience in the robotics and patient simulation, and is presently researching the unintended effects of modern lighting on humans and other biological lifeforms.

  • Dr Nihal Jayamaha

    Dr Nihal Jayamaha

    Senior Lecturer - School of Food and Advanced Technology


    I am an electrical engineer-turned-lecturer in quality management. Prior to taking up my lectureship in quality management in early 2009 and doctoral studies (2004-2008) which preceded that, I worked in electrical utility companies in Asia and the Middle East for 19 years specializing in operations, quality assurance, auditing (quality),  and project management.   

    As a senior lecturer, I teach, supervise, and conduct research in many areas:  industrial management, statistical modeling in social research, quality control and quality improvement,  healthcare process improvement, performance measurement, and operations management. 

  • Dr Robin Mann

    Dr Robin Mann

    Director - Centre for Organisational Excellence Research - School of Food and Advanced Technology


    Dr Robin Mann is Head of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University, New Zealand, Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network, Board Member New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, Co-Founder of – a best practice website resource, Founder of the International Best Practice Competition and New Zealand Best Practice Competition and Founder of the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology. .A more detailed profile on Dr Robin Mann can be found at Dr. Robin Mann – COER

  • Dr Mark Tunnicliffe

    Dr Mark Tunnicliffe

    Senior Lecturer - School of Food and Advanced Technology