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Prof Matt Golding NZIFST

Professor in Food Colloids

Doctoral Supervisor
School of Food Technology and Natural Sciences

Matt Golding is Professor of Food Colloids and Principal Investigator within the Riddet Institute. 

His teaching interests currently include the application and characterisation ingredients and additives relative to manufactured food structures, material properties and product properties. His research interests are in the fields of food structure design in relation to product performance, with particular focus on colloidal systems, and he is also interested in the behaviour of food systems during digestion and the application of novel ingredient systems in foods.

Prior to joining Massey University he was a programme leader with Food Science Australia managing research activities in the reduction and regulation of energy content within foods. He has also worked for Unilever R&D in the UK and the Netherlands, managing its emulsions science base which was primarily concerned with the structuring of colloids such as emulsions and foams in a range of soft solid food systems. He currently serves on three editorial boards, and is a member of both the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Fellowships and Memberships

  • Member, New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (Fellow) (2010)

Certifications and Registrations

  • Licence, Supervisor, Massey University

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Food Science and Technology

Food Structure and Breakdown

Food Colloids


Health and Well-being, Future Food Systems

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Chemical Science (030000): Colloid and Surface Chemistry (030603):
Engineering (090000): Food Sciences (090800):
Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural (030600):
Technology (100000)


Food Structure and Food Ingredient Functionality; Food Colloids, Emulsions and Interfaces

Research Projects

Current Projects

Project Title: Project 1.1a - Food materials

Date Range: 2021 - 2028

Funding Body: Tertiary Education Commission

Project Team:

Teaching and Supervision

Teaching Statement

Food Characterisation and Assessment

Food Formulation Technology

Dairy Ingredients

Current Doctoral Supervision

Main Supervisor of:

  • Giovanna Castillo Fernandez - Doctor of Philosophy
    Determining the influence of emulsion composition and structural dynamics on lipaemic inflammatory response.

Co-supervisor of:

  • Qayyum Shehzad - Doctor of Philosophy
    Interfacial rheology of plant proteins
  • Maryam Hesabirad - Doctor of Philosophy
    Molecular modifications of plant proteins - consequences for structure and functionality
  • Reza Vaseghi Bakhshayesh - Doctor of Philosophy
    Plant phytosterols as modulators of lipid vesicle digestibility in hybrid plant/animal products
  • Ruwanthi Udaweediye Lekamralalage - Doctor of Philosophy
    Basil seeds gum as a novel delivery vehicle for hydrophobic flavonoids in functional foods
  • Teck Ann Ong - Doctor of Philosophy
    The synthesis of chemically substituted starch products using extrusion processing

Completed Doctoral Supervision

Main Supervisor of:

  • 2023 - Ji Uk Kim - Doctor of Philosophy
    Assessment of process variables on structural material and physical properties of acid milk gels
  • 2020 - Le Deng - Doctor of Philosophy
    Studying the relationship between emulsion structure and lipid digestibility for infant milk
  • 2018 - Jing Luo - Doctor of Philosophy
    Colloidal Interactions in Alternate Make Cheeses
  • 2017 - Orianne Thionnet - Doctor of Philosophy
    Influence of filler particles on the microstructure and properties of model mozzarella cheese
  • 2016 - George Fuller - Doctor of Philosophy
    Studies on the Shear Stability of Partially Crystalline Oil-in-Water Emulsions
  • 2016 - Noor Soffalina Sofian Seng - Doctor of Philosophy
    Preparation, characterisation and application of naturally derived polar lipids through lipolysis
  • 2015 - Hayley Stewart - Doctor of Philosophy
    Development of Food-grade Microparticles from Lignin
  • 2015 - Chalida Lueamsaisuk - Doctor of Philosophy
    Dynamic of Emulsion Structure during Simulated Gastric Lipid Digestion in the Neonate
  • 2014 - Yichao Liang - Doctor of Philosophy
    Effect of Ingredient Interactions and Heat Treatment on the Structure and Stability of Dairy based Oil-in Water Emulsions

Co-supervisor of:

  • 2023 - Patrick Tai - Doctor of Philosophy
    The release of lipids from dairy food matrices under in vitro gastrointestinal digestive conditions
  • 2021 - Marina Marinea - Doctor of Philosophy
    Soy protein gel systems with added phenolic acids: Effect of gel matrix on protein digestibility and phenolics bioaccessibility
  • 2019 - Shakeela Jayasinghe - Doctor of Philosophy
    Exploring the Link Between Sweet Taste and Fat (Creaminess) Perception, Dietary Intake and Metabolic Health in Women
  • 2017 - Shakti Singh - Doctor of Philosophy
    Interactions of moving particles and bubbles in air: a micro-level process approach
  • 2016 - Hwee Ming Teo - Doctor of Philosophy
    Development of novel nanoemulsions as delivery systems
  • 2016 - Teresa Wegrzyn - Doctor of Philosophy
    Design of Food-Inks for 3D printing of food images
  • 2015 - Elham Khani Pour - Doctor of Philosophy
    Probability -of-growth modelling to optimize the use of hurdle technology to achieve microbiological stability of high moisture processed cheese
  • 2015 - Sandra Kim - Doctor of Philosophy
    Rendering Complex Colour Inside 3D Printed Foods
  • 2013 - Nor Ab Rashid - Doctor of Philosophy
    Development and predictive modeling of set yoghurt as a made-in-transit (MIT) product
  • 2013 - Naiyawit Chalermnon - Doctor of Philosophy
    Properties of oil-in-water emulsions and ice creams made from coconut milk