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Dr Amanda McVitty PhD


School of Humanities

My research interests centre on intersections of gender, law and political culture in Britain and France over the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries; and on medievalism in contemporary politics, media and popular culture. I have published on topics including masculinity, chivalry and treason law; popular protest and dissent in the premodern world; and on the relationships between Latin, vernacular languages and conceptions of national identity. I am currently working on a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund project 'Embodying the Law: Manhood and Authority in the Making of English Legal Culture c.1300-1600'. 



  • Doctor of Philosophy - Massey University (2016)

Prizes and Awards

  • Leonard Boyle Dissertation Prize, 2017. The Leonard Boyle Dissertation Prize is awarded annually by the Canadian Society of Medievalists to an outstanding dissertation in any field of medieval studies. - Canadian Society of Medievalists (2016)
  • George Yule Essay Prize, 2015 The George Yule Essay Prize is awarded to the best essay written by a postgraduate. It is awarded biennially, at each ANZAMEMS conference. - Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (ANZAMEMS) (2014)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Medieval history

English legal history

Gender history

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
British History (210305): European History (excl. British, Classical Greek and Roman) (210307):
Gender Specific Studies (169901):
Historical Studies (210300): History And Archaeology (210000):
Law And Legal Studies (180000):
Other Studies in Human Society (169900): Studies In Human Society (160000)

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

Position Current Completed
Project Leader 1 0

Research Outputs


McVitty, EA. (2017). The Prisoner's Voice in Conflicting Narratives of Loyalty and Political Legitimacy in Late Medieval England. Parergon. 34(2), 25-47 Retrieved from http://www.anzamems.org/
[Journal article]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, A. (2016). My name of a trewe man: Gender, vernacularity, and treasonous speech in late medieval England. Parergon. 33(1), 91-111
[Journal article]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, A. (2014). False knights and true men: contesting chivalric masculinity in English treason trials, 1388–1415. Journal of Medieval History. 40(4), 458-477 Retrieved from http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03044181.2014.954139
[Journal article]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA. (2015). Polemic: Language as violence in medieval and early modern discourse ed. by Almut Suerbaum, George Southcombe, and Benjamin Thompson. Parergon. 32(2), 365-367Retreived from https://muse.jhu.edu/article/610941
[Book Review]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA. (2014). Law, rulership and rhetoric: Selected essays by Robert L. Benson. Parergon. 31(2), 142-143
[Book Review]Authored by: McVitty, E.


McVitty, EA. (2017). Prosecuting treason in Lancastrian London: the language and landscape of political dissent. In AD. Brown, & J. Dumolyn (Eds.) Medieval Urban Culture. (pp. 93 - 109). : Brepols
[Chapter]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA. (2016). Traitor to the chose publique: Negotiating constitutional conflict through the law of treason 1399–1402. In J. Bothwell, & G. Dodd (Eds.) Fourteenth Century England IX. (pp. 149 - 167). Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell
[Chapter]Authored by: McVitty, E.


McVitty, EA. (2016). Treason, manhood, and the English State: Shaping constitutional ideas and political subjects through the laws of treason, 1397-1424. (Doctoral Thesis)
[Doctoral Thesis]Authored by: McVitty, E.


McVitty, E. (2018, July). Engendering Erudtion: Masculinity and Legal Authority in the Inns of Court. Presented at International Medieval Congress, Leeds. University of Leeds.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.Making the man of law: Identities and exchange in common law culture c.1399-1520. . Wellington, New Zealand
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.The language and landscape of political protest. . Leeds, England
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.Imagining Imprisonment: Confession and resistance in legal narratives of treason. . Melbourne, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.My name of a trewe man: Manhood, speech and political agency in early fifteenth-century treason trials. . Brisbane, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.Give me my name of a true man: Treason, manhood, and political subjecthood in fifteenth-century London. . Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.Language, identity and political subjecthood in English trials for treason, c. 1395-1405. . Leeds, England
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.Traitor to his tongue: Treason and the construction of identity in medieval England. . Melbourne, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA.False knights and true blood: Reading the traitor’s body in late medieval England. . Leeds, England
[Conference Paper]Authored by: McVitty, E.


McVitty, E. (2018, June). Manhood, learning and legal authority at England’s medieval Inns of Court. In Victoria University of Wellington History Programme Seminar Series. Presented at Victoria University of Wellington.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: McVitty, E.
McVitty, EA. (2015, November). Dissent, rebellion, and treason in late medieval England. In U3A Manawatu branch (public lecture). Presented at U3A, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: McVitty, E.

Teaching and Supervision

Courses Coordinated

  • 148.310 The Tudors and the Reformation

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