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Jonathan Hannon

Zero Waste Coordinator

School of Agriculture and Environment

Jonathon is the coordinator of the Zero Waste Academy (ZWA), which is based within the Institute of Natural Resources, at Massey University (MU) in New Zealand. The ZWA was strategically located at MU to assist in the facilitation of linkages between the waste and recycling industry and the university's research and teaching community.

Jonathon has in-depth working knowledge of Kiwi resource recovery industry and extensive experience working with the people, organisations and activities, which underwrite it's role as an environmental service provider to the New Zealand economy. Currently his role involves, teaching, research and membership of the MU sustainability steering group. Jonathon is also member of the 'Resource Recovery Sector Advisory Group', which leads, alongside EXITO, the development and delivery of NZQA industry training for the kiwi recycling industry.

Roles and Responsibilities

Membership of the resource recovery sector advisory group (RRSAG) which, alongside the Extractive Industry Training Organisation (EXITO), is leading the development of New Zealand recycling industry training (2004 - ongoing)

Chair of CompostNZ the Waste Management Association of New Zealand's (WASTEMINZ) sector group for NZ organic recyclers. (09 -) Co-developed and implemented the NZSOIL3 SMF project (MfE/WasteMINZ -2007).

Standards New Zealand committee NZS4454:2005

Joint Standards New Zealand /Australia committee for the development of an e-waste recycling standard.

Massey University Sustainability Steering Group representative

A trustee of 'EDay New Zealand'.

A member of 'Sustainability in Tertiary Education in New Zealand' (STENZ).

Peer review 'E-WASTE IN NEW ZEALAND' CANZ report (2006).

PNCC Waste Taskforce (2008/09 and 2011 ongoing)

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Contact details

  • Ph: +6463505016
    Location: 334, AgHort B
    Campus: Manawatu

Research Expertise

Research Interests


•Hannon, J.B. and Mason, I.G. (2003). Composting of green waste shredded by a crush/roller versus a low speed counter rotating shear shredder. Compost Science and Utilization. vol.11, no 1, 61-71.

•Hannon, J.B. & ROU. (2007). A tool-kit for NZS4454: New Zealand Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches. WasteMINZ online report.

•Hannon, J.B. & ROU. (2007). An introduction to composting science and management for industry training. WasteMINZ online report.

•Hannon, J.B (editor) et al. (2009). Fact sheet series (40+) for NZQA zero waste and resource recovery industry training. EXITO online resource.

•Hannon, J.B. and Dickenson, J. (2009). Resource Recovery and Solid Waste Industry Training Implementation Plan. EXITO online report

•Hannon, J.B. (2009). Organic Wastes – Ahem! RESOURCES! – The new 'Rocks Stars' of Sustainability. Waste Awareness Magazine.

•Gertaskis, J. & Hannon, J.B et al (2011) Ewaste in New Zealand: Five years on. eDay NZ Trust. Wellington,

Research Opportunities

  • PhD  (01/10/2011) I am currently enrolled in a PhD. This will examine:•An overview of zero waste (paradigm and practice) in the context of, industrial ecological (IE) approaches to achieving waste minimisation and resource efficiency. •An overview of the principles and applications of product stewardship •Case study approach to resource auditing the national commodity estate. •Develop and discuss the application of product recyclability indices (PRI). •Examine zero waste as a key strand and driver for a national approach to education for sustainable industry practices via vocational training systems. •Undertake comparative industrial ecological analysis of the costs and benefits of a national zero waste approach.
  • background I have previously completed research in the area of organic recycling / commercial composting, Public event recycling and zero waste community enterprise development.


Zero Waste, Waste Minimisation, Resource Recovery and Recycling, Behaviour Change, Organic Recycling, Public Event Recycling / Environmental Sustainablity, Education for Sustainablity (EfS)

Conference presentations:

Waste Management Institute of New Zealand –WasteMINZ. (2004) 'South Island Organic Recyclers Training & Discussion Group (SORT): Getting Organics Sorted Down South!' Hannon, J.B, and Hemm, G. 'Redefining a regional role, opportunities for synergy and introducing a partnered response to the review of targets in the national waste strategy' Hannon, J.B. and Gordon, F. (2005) 'Update: Developments in industry training SMF bid for CompostNZ.' (2006). 'CompostNZ facilitation and findings: New Zealand Organic Recycling R&D forum (2007) 'Project outline and consultation for NZSOIL3 SMF bid and implementation process' (2009) 'Overview of International developments in organic recycling' & facilitation of the workshop: 'Designing and Funding an Organic Recycling Sector Development Project (1- 3 -5 -10? yrs)'

Australian Campuses towards Sustainability (ACTS). (2006) & (2008) 'Partnering with a community enterprise organisation in the delivery of sustainable campus management at Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ'.

Compost Australia R&D forum (2006). 'NZSoil3 Program and Massey University' Dr Beatrice Dias-Wanigasekera and Jonathon Hannon (06).

Zero Waste New Zealand Trust Conference (2005) 'Progress Report: Zero waste industry training in New Zealand'.

Zero Waste Summit – Australia (2010) 'The Zero Waste Academy: A contributor to - zero waste - education for sustainability (EfS) and 'resource recovery' industry research and development in New Zealand'.

New Zealand Association for Environmental Education -NZAEE (2010) 'Green futures' 1 & 2: foundation programmes, which enhance sustainable industry awareness and practice'.

New Zealand Geographical Society -NZGS conference (2010). 'Zero Waste: A contributor to 'Education for Sustainability' (EfS) and sustainable campus management at Massey University, NZ'.

ASEAN Regional Local Govt Conference (2010). 'Zero waste communities' and 'Profiling Environmental issues and actions in New Zealand'.

New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants –NZICA seminar (2008) 'An overview of zero waste'.

Planned and facilitated a series of annual Regional TA Zero Waste Awareness forums (Zero Waste, Hazardous Waste, Waste Exchanges).

STeP Summer School paper / presentation (2011) 'e-Waste in the Context of Zero Waste in New Zealand: An Outline of Government Policy, Implementation Initiatives and a Related Research Approach'

World Resource Forum workshop facilitation and presentation as part of STeP participant group (2011) "Closing The Loop: Distinguishing Good from Bad in the Secondary Commodity Market"

Research Outputs


Blake, V., Farrelly, T., & Hannon, J. (2019). Is voluntary product stewardship for e-waste working in New Zealand? A Whangarei case study. Sustainability (Switzerland). 11(11)
[Journal article]Authored by: Farrelly, T., Hannon, J.
Zaman, A., Arnott, J., McIntyre, K., & Hannon, J. (2018). Resource harvesting through a systematic deconstruction of the residential house: a case study of the ‘Whole House Reuse’ project in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sustainability. 10(Special issue: Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability of Waste Management), 1-23
[Journal article]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, J., & Zaman, A. (2018). Future Cities: Exploring the phenomenon of zero waste. Urban Science. 2(90), 1-26
[Journal article]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, J., & Mason, I. (2003). Composting of green waste shredded by a crush/roller versus a low speed counter rotating shear shredder. Compost Science and Utilization. 11(1), 61-71
[Journal article]Authored by: Hannon, J.


Hannon, J., Zaman, A., Rittl, G., Meireles, S., Palandi, F., & Rossi, R. (2018). Moving Toward Zero Waste Cities: A Nexus for International Zero Waste Academic Collaboration (NIZAC). In W. Leal Filho, & U. Bardi (Eds.) Sustainability on University Campuses: Learning, Skills Building and Best Practices. Switzerland, AG: Springer Nature
[Chapter]Authored by: Hannon, J.


Hannon, J. (2018). (Un) Changing Behaviour: (New Zealand’s delay & dysfunction in utilising) Economic Instruments in the Management of Waste? An open submission to the new Parliamentary Commission for the Environment (PCE). New Zealand Product Stewardship Council.
[Commissioned Report]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Zwimpfer, L., Gertsakis, J., Hannon, J., MacGibbon, J., Tripathi, N., Wilkinson, S., . . . Nixon, C.(2011). Ewaste in New Zealand: Five years on. Wellington, NZ: eDay NZ Trust
[Technical Report]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Clark, N., & Hannon, J.(2007). NZSoil3: Final Report to SMF. Auckland: WasteMINZ
[Technical Report]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, J., & ROU, .(2007). A Tool Kit for NZS4454:2005: The New Zealand Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches.. Palmerston North, NZ: Zero Waste Academy, CompostNZ/WasteMINZ, MfE
[Technical Report]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, J., & ROU, .(2007). Introduction to composting science and management for industry training: An overview of the scientific principles of the composting process.. Palmerston North, NZ: Zero Waste Academy, CompostNZ/WasteMINZ, MfE
[Technical Report]Authored by: Hannon, J.


Hannon, JB. (2017, June). Zero Waste Academy (ZWA) ‘Living Labs’ Research Project: Addressing the Issue of Bio-material Contamination in Commercial Composting.. Presented at Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC), 'Lives and Afterlives of Plastic Conference'. Massey University.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, JB. (2015). Waste vs zero waste: The contest for engaging and shaping our ambient ‘waste-making’ culture.. Vol. ISBN 978-0-9943360-7-1 (pp. 402 - 412). UniSA, Adelaide, SA:: Unmaking Waste 2015: Transforming production and consumption in time and place, Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour.
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Olsen, KB., Legg, SJ., & Hannon, JB. (2007). Computer recycling ergonomics?. Poster session presented at the meeting of New Zealand Ergonomics Society Conference. Waiheke Island Resort, NZ
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, JB. (2005, April). A profile of learning and qualification pathways for zero waste via University education. Presented at Zero Waste Conference: Working Towards a Future with Zero Waste. Kaikoura, NZ.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Hannon, J.
Hannon, JB.(2005). Getting organics SORTed-South Island organic recyclers training and discussion (SORT) group workshop.
[Conference Other]Authored by: Hannon, J.

Consultancy and Languages


  • 2011 - eDay NZ trust
    contract to write a chapter in the 'Ewaste in NZ: Five years on'. report
  • 2008 -09 - EXITO
    project managed the development and publication of the Resource Recovery and Solid Waste Industry Training Implementation Plan
  • 2008 - EXITO
    Project managed the development and publication of resource recovery industry (NZZWRR-L5) training fact sheets
  • 2007 - ongoing - EXITO
    Facilitated pilot training and assessment events
  • 2007 - Delta Utlities
    Techincal support in the preparation of a tender for composting services
  • 2006 -07 - WasteMINZ
    In association with WasteMINZ and CompostNZ the ZWA project managed the NZSOIL3 programme during the period -2006 / 2007. (NB: WasteMINZ is the Waste Management Institute of New Zealand and CompostNZ, is the national organic recycling industry group in New Zealand)
  • 2004 - ongoing - PNCC
    general recycling and waste minimisation advisory services on an as required basis

Teaching and Supervision

Teaching Statement

188.751 - Advanced zero waste for sustainablity.

121.311 - Global environmental issues (contributor)

A large portion of the work of the Zero Waste Academy is external to the University in NZQA recycling industry training:

'Green Futures' STAR programme

National Certificate in Zero Waste & Resource Recovery (L3)

National Certificate in Composting (L2)