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Brooke Adams BApplSci


School of Veterinary Science



  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Massey University (2000)

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Colborne, GR., Tang, L., Adams, BR., Gordon, BI., McCabe, BE., & Riley, CB. (2021). A Novel Load Cell-Supported Research Platform to Measure Vertical and Horizontal Motion of a Horse's Centre of Mass During Trailer Transport. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 99
[Journal article]Authored by: Adams, B., Riley, C., Tang, L.
Bolwell, CF., Rogers, CW., Benschop, J., Collins-Emerson, JM., Adams, B., Scarfe, KR., . . . Gee, EK. (2020). Seroprevalence of leptospira in racehorses and broodmares in New Zealand. Animals. 10(11), 1-18
[Journal article]Authored by: Adams, B., Benschop, J., Bolwell, C., Collins-Emerson, J., Gee, E., Rogers, C.
Wise, LM., Stuart, GS., Sriutaisuk, K., Adams, BR., Riley, CB., & Theoret, CL. (2020). Anti-fibrotic Actions of Equine Interleukin-10 on Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1-Stimulated Dermal Fibroblasts Isolated From Limbs of Horses. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 7
[Journal article]Authored by: Adams, B., Riley, C.


Bolwell, C., Gee, E., Rogers, C., & Adams, B. (2018). recurrent uveitis in a horse: What do Leptospira titres mean?. Vol. 7 (pp. 27 - 27). , Australsian Equine Science Society
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Adams, B., Bolwell, C., Gee, E., Rogers, C.