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Terry Johanson MMAS, MA

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Terry Johanson is a Lecturer at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, College of Humanities, and Social Sciences, on Massey University’s Manawatu Campus. Terry has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in military command, military operations and defence planning. He currently teaches Defence Studies courses in Global Defence Challenges, Irregular Warfare and Legacies of War. Between 2011 and 2018, Terry educated military professionals at the Command and Staff College programmes of the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Brunei Armed Forces and New Zealand Defence Force.

Prior to joining Massey University, Terry served 17 years as an Artillery Officer in the New Zealand Army during which he conducted operational tours to East Timor and Afghanistan as well as overseas training in Europe, South East Asia and North America. He is also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and UK Royal School of Artillery.

Terry has published academic articles and presented conference papers on New Zealand’s National Security System and niche military capability in small states. His research interests are national security, future defence challenges, and the impact of violence on post-conflict societies. Terry is currently a PhD candidate researching the evolving role of military forces in the contemporary security environment.

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    Location: 605, Social Science Tower
    Campus: Manawatu

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Research Interests

Defence Studies, Military Operations, Irregular Warfare, National Security


21st Century Citizenship

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Defence Studies (160604): Political Science (160600): Studies In Human Society (160000)


Security studies


National security

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