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Jenny Green MPhil


School of Nursing

2015: Winner of the NETS Best Abstract Award, Australasian Nurse Educators' Conference 2015, Auckland, New Zealand.

2016: Runner-up Massey University, College of Health, Teaching Excellence Awards: Innovation and Excellence in e-Learning and Innovative Practice.

Simulation facilitator for Malignant Hyperthermia - Short Course: Interprofessional Team Simulation

My background has been focused in the perioperative area as a staff nurse and coordinator of Southern Cross Hospitals’ Perioperative Nursing Course. I transitioned it from face-to-face block courses to a blended delivery format incorporating; block courses, interactive online activities in combination with preceptors from the clinical context who mentored participants as they developed their perioperative nursing skills. I completed my initial Diploma of Nursing through Auckland Institute of Technology (now called AUT). In 2012 I completed a Master of Philosophy through Massey University. My thesis focused on the Registered Nurse’s Experience of Online Learning for Professional Development.

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Contact details

  • Ph: 2136364
    Location: QA 3.43, Quad A
    Campus: Albany (East Precinct)


  • Master of Philosophy - Massey University (2013)

Prizes and Awards

  • Fellowship Higher Education Academy, UK. (FHEA) Fellowships are awarded on the basis of a successful and effective demonstration of one of the four UKPSF Descriptors. I provided evidence of broadly based effectiveness in my teaching and support of learners and demonstrated a broad understanding of effective approaches to learning and teaching support as a key contribution to high quality student learning. - Higher Education Academy UK (2017)
  • Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) Nomination (2018) - Albany Students' Association, Auckland. - Albany Students' Association (2018)
  • Massey University, College of Health, Teaching Excellence Awards. Portfolio submission: Excellence in e-learning and innovative practice. Outstanding runner up award. - College of Health, Massey University (2016)
  • Nurse Educators in Tertiary Sector - Best Abstract Award. Australasian Nurse Educators' Conference (ANEC) 2015. Abstract: Pack your bags, we're migrating: Online learning for professional development. - Nurse Educators in Tertiary Sector (NETS) (2015)
  • Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) 2015 nomination - Albany Students' Association (2015)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Online learning for nursing professional development.

Virtual reality simulation.

Health literacy.

Increasing patient safety through clinical simulation.

Collaboration with clinical settings.

High-fidelity simulation.

Interprofessional learning and simulation


21st Century Citizenship

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Clinical Nursing: Secondary (Acute Care) (111003):
Curriculum and Pedagogy (130200): Education (130000): Education Systems (130100): Higher Education (130103):
Medical And Health Sciences (110000):
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy (130209):
Nursing (111000):
Technology (100000)


Online learning





Interprofessional Simulation

Research Outputs


Green, J. (2019). The role of organisational commitment in facilitating assimilation of undergraduate nurses into the perioperative environment. The Dissector. 46(4), 27-30
[Journal article]Authored by: Green, J.
Wainwright, B., Waring, M., Julich, S., Yeung, PHY., & Green, J. (2018). Quality of life of living with a transplanted liver: The issue of returning to normalcy. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Review. 30(1), 7-19
[Journal article]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Yeung, P.
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[Journal article]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Lee, D., Napan, K., Stent, W., Thomas, J.
Green, JK., & Huntington, AD. (2017). Online professional development for digitally differentiated nurses: An action research perspective. Nurse Education in Practice. 22, 55-62
[Journal article]Authored by: Green, J., Huntington, A.
Wainwright, B., Julich, SJ., Waring, MJ., Yeung, PHY., & Green, JK. (2016). Leaving the experts: Experiences of liver transplantation recipients in New Zealand. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand. 32(3)
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Green, JK. (2013). Postgraduate study: Thinking about your career. The Dissector. 41(1), 18-19 Retrieved from
[Journal article]Authored by: Green, J.


Green, JK. (2013). The registered nurses' experience of online professional development: an action research study.. (Master's Thesis)
[Masters Thesis]Authored by: Green, J.Edited by: Huntington, A.


Green, J. (2018). Overcoming the fear of the perioperative unknown: Preparing undergraduates for perioperative clinical placement.. , 45th Annual Perioperative Nurses' College Conference
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.
Green, J., Burrow, M., Connor-Douglas, F., Price, RK., Adams, S., Atefi, N., . . . Julich, S. (2018). Enriching understanding through collaborative learning in a flipped classroom environment.. , Networking for Education in Health Care
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Burrow, M., Green, J., Julich, S.
Green, J., Patterson, L., Napan, K., Thomas, J., Stent, W., Julich, S., . . . Lee, D. (2018). The elusive academic trifecta: Achieving improved research, teaching and learning outcomes through cooperative inquiry.. , Networking in Education for Health Care
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Lee, D., Napan, K., Stent, W., Thomas, J.
Napan, K., Green, J., Stent, W., Thomas, J., Terrell, J., & Petersen, L. (2016, June). Collaborative transformations: Democratising education through cooperative inquiry. Presented at The International Academic Forum, Education and Social Justice. Brighton, United Kingdom.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Green, J., Napan, K., Stent, W., Thomas, J.
Julich, S., Yeung, P., Wainwright, B., Waring, M., & Green, J. (2016). Leaving the experts: Experiences of liver transplant recipients in New Zealand. (pp. 54 - 54). , Social Work in Changing Times: Towards Better Outcomes
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Yeung, P.
Green, JK., Wainwright, B., Julich, SJ., Waring, MJ., & Yeung, PHY. (2016). Leaving the experts: Liver transplantation recipients’ attaining a platform of wellness. , The 43rd Annual Conference of the Perioperative Nurses' College of NZNO
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Yeung, P.
Napan, K., Green, JK., Stent, W., Thomas, JL., Julich, S., Terrell, J., . . . Patterson, L. (2016). Collaborative transformations: Democratizing education through co-operative inquiry. , The European Conference on Education 2016
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J., Julich, S., Napan, K., Stent, W., Thomas, J.
Green, JK. (2016). Pack your bags, we're migrating! Online learning for professional development of registered nurses. , New Zealand Vocational Education and Training Research Forum, 2016
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.
Green, JK. (2015). It's getting hot in here! Malignant hyperthermia in an interprofessional simulation context. , SimHealth2015
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.
Roebuck, S., & Green, JK. (2014). It came a hot Friday: A case of malignant hyperthermia. , 2014 Australian College of Operating Room Nurses 16th National Conference
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.
Green, JK. (2014). Taking advantage of online learning to support new nursing staff orientation to the OR environment. , 2014 Australian College of Operating Room Nurses 16th National Conference
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.
Green, JK. (2013). A 21st century solution for perioperative nursing education - Perioperative nursing course: Blended delivery. , Theatre Managers and Educators' Conference (TMEC) 2013
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Green, J.


Jamieson, IJ., Jones, MJ., Green, JK., Unac, F., Groube, J., Rolls, S., . . . Howard-Hill, A. (2017). New Zealand perioperative nursing knowledge and skills framework.. : New Zealand Nurses' Organisation
[Internet publication]Authored by: Green, J.Contributed to by: Green, J.

Supervision and Teaching


I am the Albany Campus Lecturer for the following papers:

168.162 Intro to nursing and praxis

168.165 Clinical decision making

168.242 Nursing in long-term adaptation

168.243 Praxis II

Guest lecturer:


Academic supervisor:


Courses Coordinated

  • 168.161 Research and Scholarly Writing in Nursing
  • 168.165 Health Assessment and Clinical Decision-making I
  • 168.262 Nursing People with Long Term Conditions

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  • 01 Mar 2019 - Online
    Year 2 BN Students - Empathy Experiences
    This year 2 empathy experience prepares students to consider the lived-experience of a long-term condition. The students work in threes: a patient, a nurse, an observer, and have a scenario for their

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