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Dr Victoria Kerry BCS, PhD, BC(Hons), GDipArts, GDipTchg, BA

Lecturer in Linguistics

Doctoral Co-Supervisor
School of Humanities Media and Creative Comm



  • Bachelor of Communication Studies - Auckland University of Technology (2002)
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Massey University (2019)
  • Bachelor of Communication (Honours) - Massey University (2013)
  • Graduate Diploma in Arts - Massey University (2012)
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) - Victoria University (2008)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Massey University (2007)

Certifications and Registrations

  • Licence, Co-Supervisor, Massey University

Research Expertise

Research Interests

My main area of research is in digital discourse analysis and semiotic landscapes.


21st Century Citizenship

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Discourse and Pragmatics (200403): Languages, Communication And Culture (200000): Linguistics (200400)

Research Outputs


Kerry, V. (2018). Liesel Hibbert, The linguistic landscape of post-apartheid South Africa: Politics and discourse. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2016. Pp. 184. Hb. £90. Language in Society. 47(3), 473-474 Retrieved from https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/language-in-society/article/liesel-hibbert-the-linguistic-landscape-of-postapartheid-south-africa-politics-and-discourse-bristol-multilingual-matters-2016-pp-184-hb-90/717A0745659EB1A64ED61BC735F35F0D
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Kerry, VJ. (2017). The construction of hegemonic masculinity in the Semiotic Landscape of a CrossFit ‘Cave’. Visual Communication. 16(2), 209-237
[Journal article]Authored by: Kerry, V.
Kerry, VJ. (2014). ‘Ghost Chips’ and the New Zealand localisation of interaction on YouTube. New Zealand English Journal. 28, 10-20
[Journal article]Authored by: Kerry, V.


Kerry, VJ.(2017, December). Heterochronicity, self-disclosure, and the intersection of YouTube comments and same-sex marriage laws. .
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Faris, VJ.(2015, December). YouTube comments and the perceived audience in the New Zealand marriage amendment bill participatory space. .
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Faris, VJ. (2014, June). 'Hegemonic Masculinity in the Linguistic Landscape of the CrossFit “Cave”'.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Kerry, V.

Teaching and Supervision

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Courses Coordinated

  • 172.131 Language and Communication
  • 172.338 Language, Diversity and Mediated Communication