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Matthew Zhao


School of Food and Advanced Technology

Research Outputs


Gwanpua, SG., Jabbar, A., Zhao, M., Heyes, JA., & East, AR. (2018). Investigating the potential of dual temperature storage as a postharvest management practice to mitigate chilling injury in kiwifruit. International Journal of Refrigeration. 86, 62-72
[Journal article]Authored by: East, A., Heyes, J., Zhao, J.


East, A., Zhao, M., Jabbar, A., Samarakoon, H., Bollen, F., Adkins, M., . . . Heyes, J.(2016). Why is predicting kiwifruit quality in the cool chain so difficult?. Paper presented at the meeting of Refrigeration Science and Technology
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Bronlund, J., East, A., Heyes, J., Zhao, J.
Zhao, JM., Bronlund, JE., & East, AR.Effect of cooling rate on kiwifruit firmness and rot incidence in subsequent storage. Acta Horticulturae. (pp. 313 - 318). 0567-7572.
[Conference]Authored by: Bronlund, J., East, A., Zhao, J.