Careers in property

Becoming a registered valuer

There are many careers in property. To become a registered valuer you need to choose particular courses or programmes as well as fulfil some other requirements.

What is a valuer?

A valuer is a respected professional career, providing a very structured career path. You will be able to demonstrate your competency in a very clear way as you gain more experience.

The role of a valuer is to inspect land, buildings (and improvements), plant and machinery in order to develop an estimate of what the item is worth in the current marketplace. Those using the services of registered valuers include those looking to lend against a property or sell or buy property.

Registered valuers are often seen as experts in the property market and called upon for their advice in perhaps legal or by investors for portfolio advice.

What do you need to do to become a valuer?

To become a registered valuer you need to gain in-depth knowledge of property construction, history, and develop knowledge of relevant data sources. Valuers look at things like local sales, history and the current marketplace for property as well as assessing the condition, age materials, construction and location to develop an official property value.

What do I study?

At Massey University you will study the Bachelor of Business (Property).

  1. There are certain courses as part of your degree which are required for you to be certified as a registered valuer (by the Valuers Registration Board (VRB)). Find out more about these courses on the Bachelor of Business (Property) pages
  2. Complete three years of experience, working under the supervision of a Registered Valuer. You should aim to value a range of different property types as this will help your application to become a registered valuer later.
  3. After those three years, you apply to become a registered valuer to the Valuation Registration Board. For this you need to
  • submit examples of valuation reports and a daily diary of work experience.
  • Sit an examination to check you have the required work experience and the general capability to undertake valuations.

You are now a registered valuer!

Further career development

You can develop your career further with professional qualifications such as becoming a Senior Member of the Property Institute (SPINZ), an Associate of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (ANZIV), and/or becoming a Member of the Royal Institute of Surveyors (MRICS), if you wish.


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