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We conduct an internationally recognised research programme in economics. We are also involved in or lead several renowned research centres in the areas of applied and theoretical economics and public policy evaluation.


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    Financial Literacy Competency Framework

    To keep levels of personal financial education both consistent and of a high standard, the Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre has identified key competencies for both community and professional facilitators of personal financial management.

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    Massey Real-time GDP Forecaster

    This GDP forecaster uses various information sources from across a wide range of industries in New Zealand. The functionality of this forecaster allows for an indication of national, regional and industry trends.

    Based on data from a number of sources including partners PayMark, KiwiRail and PortsConnect (Tauranga and Auckland Ports).

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    Shared Prosperity Index

    According to the Legatum Institute’s Global Prosperity Index New Zealand is currently the second most prosperous country in the world. However, our level of income inequality is worse than the OECD average, which itself is at its most unequal for the last half century.

    The Shared Prosperity Composite Index has been developed by Massey University scientists as a means of measuring, tracking and addressing the level of shared prosperity in a society.

    Shared Prosperity Index


    Knowledge Exchange Hub

    The Knowledge Exchange Hub is a world-class centre for curiosity-driven research in the field of social citizenship and big data analytics. We bring together a dedicated team of transdisciplinary researchers to identify and work on critical social, ethical and intellectual issues that face New Zealand and the world today.

    We also help individual organisations solve complex business problems through our commercial research and consultancy services.

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    Departments and staff

    Find out more about the departments and staff involved in economics at Massey.

    Prizes and scholarships

    Massey University offers a number of scholarships. We also award a range of prizes (sponsored by industry) to top-performing Massey University economics students every year.

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