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Adult literacy

Expertise includes functional adult literacy and orality and lifelong learning.


Disaster risk and science communication

Disaster risk and science communication is the communication of science advice for individual and organisational decision-making during natural hazard events. Our projects include the communication of probability forecasts, communication of uncertain science advice, the use of hypothetical scenarios to explore effective communication, and the public response to aftershock information.


Environmental communication and political ecology

We have research expertise in communication about the environment, including climate change communication and political ecology. This includes animal-human relations, the material impacts of media technologies, perception research and developing tools for behaviour change.


Health literacy, communication and social justice

We research the influence of the health reforms on practice, the provision of services and the multicultural nature of workplaces in the health sector. Research focuses on the communication practice of health professionals within public health organisations and on those the system is designed to serve. We also have expertise in culturally-based participatory strategies of radical democracy, specifically to address unequal health policies and health communication amongst the disadvantaged.


Instructional communication

Research includes class instruction and its effect on communication apprehension, self-perceived communication competence, and willingness to communicate motivation to achieve in school. International education and communication, teaching English to speakers of other languages.


Intercultural and cross-cultural communication

We research communication across different cultures and social groups and explore how culture influences communication. Researchers in this area are interested in studying the plethora of ways in which culture relates to our communicative experiences. We are working on examinations of immigration and cultural adaptation, intercultural competence, language, facework, and cross-cultural comparisons of communicative behaviours and phenomena.


Media, communication and society

Research expertise includes media representations of minorities and social class, rural and public service broadcasting and media sociology, as well as stakeholder communications for these groups.

We also have expertise in creating communication mechanisms for communities at the global margins, such as those living in poverty. We are using project advocacy and activist interventions to build communicative infrastructures for the voices of the margins.


Public relations, issues, risk and crisis communication

Massey’s expertise is in effective crisis communication and reputation management. We have specific expertise in crisis handling and how terror groups use PR techniques to position their causes.


Workplace and managerial communication

Effective and strategic communications within organisations and fostering innovation amongst employees.



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