Computational systems and software research

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Complex systems

We examine complexity, through measurements made on simulations of complex systems. Foci include simulations of physical and materials systems, complex networks and artificial life models.


Geographic knowledge representation and reasoning

Our research is exploring the representation of human geographic knowledge in information systems, and developing methods to emulate human spatial reasoning. We are addressing the issue of uncertainty in this knowledge, using approaches including fuzzy logic, Bayesian belief networks and modelling of complex aspects of geographic knowledge.


Language and speech processing

Expertise in speech processing, image processing and language processing technologies. Our research is investigating Māori speech recognition tools and speech emotion and sentiment recognition. We are investigating applying speech processing technology in foreign language teaching and learning and the development of text mining and machine translation.


Parallel computing

Research into algorithms, languages and software for parallel and distributed computing. Special areas of interest include algorithms for single and multiple GPU devices, domain-specific languages for parallel and vector-processing architectures and high-performance computing with distributed machines.


Software engineering

All aspects of the development of new and innovative software systems. Analysing software to detect security vulnerabilities and bugs. Investigating novel methods to facilitate safe software evolution and modularity. Harvesting knowledge from large software repositories.

  • [Rachel Blagojevic](
  • Amjed Tahir

Vision and image processing

This area involves developing algorithms and software for recognising patterns, individuals, objects and other specialist features in images and movie sequences. Applications include security scanning systems, control of robots and product quality scanning.

We also have interests in visual perception, colour science and multi/hyper-spectral imaging.



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