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Construction and built environment research

The built environment and construction industry is an important sector to New Zealand, contributing tens of billions of dollars a year to the economy.
Massey is leading the way in research and development in this area, helping to create better efficiencies and resilience, as well as healthy and sustainable buildings.

Research expertise

Green buildings

Green buildings are growing in necessity and market acceptance in New Zealand. Massey researchers are working with green building solutions and projects on energy efficiency including solar heating and lighting.


Health and safety of buildings

Our research is investigating passive preventative systems which are part of the structure of a building. For instance how buildings can be designed to help prevent the spread of fire, indoor air quality and building resistance to earthquakes.


Healthy schools

We are researching how the school classroom environment impacts on health of children and teachers, particularly investigating types and alternatives in the areas of heating, ventilation, energy efficiency, external pollution and design materials. Led by Massey researchers, this work is especially relevant today, with larger numbers of children in classrooms than ever before.


Lighting research

Our research expertise covers a broad range of lighting-related areas – from enhancing the human sleep-wake cycle to studying the electronics behind LED flicker. We are working in the areas of photometry and colorimetry, interior lighting design, exterior lighting, non-visual effects of lighting (e.g. circadian stimulus), energy efficiency, emergency lighting, next-generation lamp technologies and effects of light on the natural world.



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Research projects

Healthier classrooms for Kiwi kids

A project led by Massey’s Dr Mikael Boulic, worked to find out whether improving the air quality in classrooms would have a positive impact on students’ health and levels of absenteeism.

The research team conducted an interventional study in 12 low-decile primary school classrooms in Palmerston North over two school terms in the winters of 2013 and 2014 to investigate the impacts of a low-cost, solar-heated ventilation system on air quality and students' health.

The research showed there is a direct correlation between increased ventilation and a reduction in respiratory infections, sick days and chemical pollutants.

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Photometric Laboratory

This state of the art laboratory includes specific equipment to measure spectral distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated colour temperature, dominant wavelength, luminous flux, colour rendering, power and luminosity.

Photometric Laboratory

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