We conduct an internationally recognised research programme in both applied and theoretical economics and topics in macroeconomics as well as having expertise in applying econometrics to a broad range of areas. Our staff, including our emerging researchers, regularly publish in top journals and top field journals, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, World Development, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics, Ecological Economics, Review of International Economics, and Scottish Journal of Political Economy.

Research expertise

Agricultural and natural resource economics

We study the interactions between farming, natural resources and agricultural lands in order to improve the organisation and governance of food systems.


Economic development, innovation, and growth

Our researchers have expertise in investigating the quality of life and the growth of output across nations and the mechanisms through which higher output and its higher quality come about.


Economic theory

We study why and how the economy behaves and investigate solutions based on mathematical models.


Environmental and ecological economics

We investigate the interactions between human, ecosystem and environmental consequences of economic decisions in order to redirect economies towards sustainability.


Financial economics

Our research expertise focuses on investigating the use and distribution of financial resources in markets under uncertainty.


Health economics

At Massey we investigate the efficiency and equity of healthcare systems, and the mechanisms in which our behaviour affects health outcomes. Our research studies how systems with different cost, charge and expenditure structures, influence these outcomes.


International economics

We study the determinants of international economic linkages, including trade and capital flows, and the ways in which these are shaped by sudden changes in technology, political events, and other drivers.


Labour economics

Our research focuses on labour markets in response to changing prices, profits, wages, and working conditions.


Macroeconomics and monetary economics

We investigate the medium-term performance, structure, behaviour, and the associate decision-making of economies, including the roles of the monetary and fiscal policies.


Public economics

Massey University’s economics research in this area works to analyse the impact of government activity and policy on efficiency and equity.


Tourism and sports economics

We have research expertise in analysing the economic concepts and applications in the context of tourism and sport.


Volcanism - economic impacts

Based on our scientific discoveries, we model the economic impacts of volcanism and the effect on lifelines infrastructure, as well as the impacts on human health and agriculture.


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Research centres

    New Zealand Centre for Macroeconomics

    The Centre, led by Massey University, brings together researchers from universities and industry in New Zealand and around the world. Projects focus on policy-oriented projects of international, national and regional macroeconomics.

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    Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre

    The New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC) is a hub for interdisciplinary academic research in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

    The Centre investigates the application of ideas to areas of social value and entrepreneurial action by organisations and individuals that creates significant social value.

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    Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre

    The Westpac Massey Financial Education (Fin-Ed) Centre works to help New Zealanders become more financially savvy by improving their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards money. The Fin-Ed Centre is globally unique for the breadth of its work around financial literacy, covering education, research and consultancy. We undertake research and run courses for both groups and individuals.

    Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre