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    Centre for Additive Manufacturing

    The Centre is New Zealand’s only dedicated research facility in this field. We have close ties to industry, offering expert assistance in all aspects of design for additive manufacturing and the production of commercial prototype components. Our equipment spans the range of industrial additive manufacturing techniques, including selective laser sintering of polymer powder, direct metal printing of metal powders, fused deposition modelling of polymer filaments and multi-material multijet printing of polymers.

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    Centre for Energy Research

    Members of the Centre work to enhance knowledge in the field of sustainable energy supply, utilisation, efficient management and policy advice. They do this through research and development of particular relevance to New Zealand and facilitate technology transfer by establishing an interface with industry. The Centre has excellent international links.

    Centre for Energy Research

    Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research

    The Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research does research and consultancy to provide cost-effective solutions to industry problems. We work on a wide range of fruit, vegetable, cut flower, seafood and aquaculture products.

    Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research

    New Zealand Biochar Research Centre

    The Centre is internationally-recognised, working to advance the understanding of biochar for mitigating global climate change. We also work to enable its use in New Zealand, particularly by the agricultural and forestry sectors.

    New Zealand Biochar Research Centre

    Telecommunication and Network Engineering Research Group

    Telecommunication and Network Engineering research group works on issues that are pertinent to the next generation communication networks. Our focus areas include 5G Cellular Networks, software defined networking, energy harvesting and green communication.

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