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Diffuse contamination of natural and built environments

Diffuse contamination can involve the chemical contamination of air, water, soil, sediments, food or ecosystems. In many cases diffuse contamination is benign, but in some cases the levels of contamination become sufficient to cause serious adverse effects. Our research spans a wide range of diffuse contamination issues, often with the aim of identifying problems that are poorly characterized before they become serious.


Environmental exposures and female reproductive health

To improve women’s fertility and overall health, we examine the mechanisms that regulate female reproductive function and how they are affected by environmental chemicals.


Noise and human health

Noise levels in communities have been rising rapidly with increased urbanisation. Good acoustics and building design, along with noise management at the source, can greatly help to reduce the adverse outcomes of noise on human health. Our research focuses on the measurement of sound and its effects on human health in a wide range of setting including environmental, recreational, community and in learning spaces.


Water contamination

Water resources and aquatic ecosystems are essential to our health and the economy. In New Zealand there are many water bodies that are no longer safe for swimming, and there are many issues relating to the quality of drinking water. Our team focuses its research on examination, detection, identification and characterisation of microbiological and chemical contamination of drinking and recreational waters.


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Roof water harvesting facilities

We have a purpose built facility in Wellington consisting of 13 rainwater storage tanks. It has various rain harvesting components and monitoring devices for measuring physico-chemical and microbial levels under a variety of experimental conditions.

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Environmental health indicators

The Environmental Health Indicators New Zealand team monitor New Zealand’s environmental health through a set of environmental health indicators including air quality, drinking water, recreational water, indoor environment, UV exposure, hazardous substances, border health, climate change, and transport.

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Research centres

Centre for Public Health Research

The Centre for Public Health Research covers all aspects of public health, including non-communicable diseases (respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes), occupational health, environmental health, socio-economic determinants of health, Māori health and Pacific health research.

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New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

The Centre, hosted by Massey University, focuses on better ways of detecting hazards in the food production chain and reducing the risk of food-borne illness to consumers. The Centre aims to provide an internationally credible science base for decisison-making in public health and the food industry.

New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

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