We assist food companies remain competitive in a global marketplace, while satisfying consumer demand for healthy, safe, tasty food. Massey University has the unique ability to integrate expertise across the entire food and health value chain.

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In their fourth year of the Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours, students undertake research projects with industry. Contact us if your business has opportunities for student projects.

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    The BodPod is an advanced piece of equipment that accurately, easily and reliably measures body composition and then body fat using an air displacement method. Massey University has the only two BodPods in New Zealand. We also have a PeaPod for infants.

    Email bodpod@massey.ac.nz

    DXA machine

    The DXA (Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) uses two low-dose x-rays that read bone mass and soft tissue simultaneously. It is connected to specialised computer software that is able to reconstruct an image of underlying tissues, bone, fat and fat free body mass.

    This technology is the gold standard for assessment of body composition as well as bone density.

    Email bodpod@massey.ac.nz

    Food Characterisation Laboratory

    Equipment in this laboratory includes Paar Physica MCR 301 and 302 control-stress rheometers, texture analyser, Instron universal testing machine, spectrophotometers, rapid-visco analyser and Minolta colourimeter.

    Food Characterisation Laboratory


    Facilities within FoodPILOT include equipment for both animal and human food production. Capability includes extrusion, ice-cream-making, sausage stuffing,vacuum packing, bowl chopping, spray drying, evaporation, freeze drying, canning and pasteurising. FoodPILOT hosts the largest collection of pilot-scale food processing equipment in the southern hemisphere.


    Human nutrition and dietetics facilities

    The Human Nutrition and Research Unit has excellent facilities for nutritional assessment and running clinical studies. Our facilities span multiple disciplines in the field, including human studies, animal studies, molecular and cellular biology, microbiology and biochemistry, and rheology.



    The Massey Microbrewery is a fully functioning brewing facility on the Manawatū campus.

    The facility incorporates CIP cleaning systems, plate and tube heat exchangers, pumping systems along with a sophisticated computer-based process control and a data acquisition system. It has a 200L brew capacity, 10 200L combined fermentation and conditioning tanks. The brewery is also used for teaching food microbiology.


    Nutrition Laboratory

    The Nutrition Laboratory specialises in analysis of food, plant and animal products. Their facilities enable nutritional testing of food products including for shelf life, food safety, product formulation and labelling.

    Nutrition Laboratory

    Research centres

      Centre for Metabolic Health Research

      The Centre for Metabolic Health Research facilitates interdisciplinary research in metabolic health, with key aspects being the prevention of metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and the maintenance of mobility and functionality throughout the lifecycle. 

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      Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research

      The Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research does research and consultancy to provide cost-effective solutions to industry problems. We work on a wide range of fruit, vegetable, cut flower, seafood and aquaculture products.

      Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research

      Massey AgriFood Technology Partnership

      The Partnership is focused on working with industry on research and development to provide relevant, leading-edge agricultural and horticultural technology. We have an active postgraduate student programme and provide site-specific consultancy.

      Contact Andrew East

      New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

      The Centre, hosted by Massey University, focuses on better ways of detecting hazards in the food production chain and reducing the risk of food-borne illness to consumers. The Centre aims to provide an internationally credible science base for decisison-making in public health and the food industry.

      New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

      Nutrition and Dietetic Centre

      The Nutrition and Dietetic Centre combines the clinical, nutritional and research expertise of Massey dietitians and nutritionists with the enthusiasm and creativity of our dietetics students. The Centre is based on the Auckland campus.

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      Riddet Institute

      The Riddet Institute is a premier centre for fundamental and strategic scientific research. Its area of expertise is at the intersection of food material science, novel food processing, human nutrition and gastrointestinal biology.

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      Vitamin D Research Centre

      The Vitamin D Research Centre works to improve the status of population groups who are demonstrably at risk of vitamin D deficiency and the associated negative health consequences.

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