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Computational physics

We employ and develop methods to explore the thermodynamical properties of atomic and molecular systems. In order to study the associated high-dimensional phase space we employ and develop methods like parallel-tempering Monte Carlo and interface pinning molecular dynamics. In order to study the energetics highly accurate hierarchical wave-function approaches are used.


Condensed matter and nanoclusters

We study solid-liquid and solid-solid phase transitions from small atomic and molecular clusters to infinite (solid) systems by Monte Carlo simulations under ambient and extreme conditions including high pressures and magnetic fields. A further focus is on highly accurate calculations of cohesive energies of solids via many-body expansions and via lattice sums. Critical phenomena in non-equilibrium and quantum phase transitions are explored in systems of ultra-cold atoms. Further topics include polariton condensates, quantum dots and Josephson junction networks.


Hadronic physics

We seek to understand the forces that that bind protons and neutrons in order to understand the structure of everyday matter. In particular we seek to characterise the vacuum of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and engage in nonperturbative quantum electrodynamics.


Materials physics

We seek to understand and manipulate the physical properties of optical materials to discover new features and develop novel devices. Particular applications include the development of lasers and laser systems operating in the ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet regions as well as scintillators for the detection of charged particles and high-energy radiation.


Mathematical physics

We are using powerful mathematical techniques to investigate problems in physics, biophysics and interdisciplinary areas. The main focus is on theoretical particle physics, particularly the quark structure of matter and the properties of neutrinos. We also have expertise in random matrices.


Molecular biophysics

Our research in molecular biophysics combines state-of-the-art biophysical approaches to study biomolecular structure, dynamics and interactions. Research interests include polysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids, and stretches from single molecule work using AFM and optical tweezers, to investigating the properties of macromolecular assemblies.


Nonlinear waves

We focus on solitons, vortices and breather and q-breather excitations in quantum gases, liquids and lattices, and on the dynamics of interacting waves in disordered media. The work is applied to ultra-cold atoms, nonlinear optics, polariton condensates, and Josephson junction networks.


Physics beyond the standard model

The standard model of physics describes three of the four fundamental interactions to astonishing high accuracy. It leaves however many questions in the open like the nature of the neutrinos, dark matter and energy, or the variation of fundamental constants in space-time to name but a few. We employ and develop methods highly accurate quantum field theory methods to explore the very limits of the traditional standard model. This work is in collaboration with Prof. Victor V. Flambaum (UNSW, Sydney) and many other experimental and theoretical research groups world-wide.


Quantum physics

Quantum mechanics is relevant to all physical processes at a fundamental level. We study the theory of quantum many-body systems and consider realisations of quantum heat engines, quantum entanglement and Schrodinger-cat states with ultra-cold atoms or in electronic devices.



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