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Research expertise

Human geography

Human geography research at Massey develops a multi-faceted understanding of the local, regional and global processes that shape the changing relationships between people and the places they live.


International politics

International politics is a wide-ranging research area that encompasses diverse projects such as those on the politics of the Palestinian Authority in the Middle East, the changing relationship between states and security provision, and the contemporary diplomacy of North Korea.


New Zealand politics

Our research interests in the Politics of Aotearoa/New Zealand include social and labour movements, the effects of neoliberalism on public policy and social well-being, local-authority governance, analysis of voters’ opinions and choices, and the conduct of the executive. Our findings are shared publicly, to support democratic engagement between citizens and decision-makers.


Social anthropology

Massey University anthropologists conduct research on a wide variety of topics including political violence, ritual and belief, medical systems, ethnicity, agriculture, food, and indigenous peoples and issues.



Sociological research challenges commonsense assumptions, analyses deeply seated problems, and develops the imagination to contribute to a hopeful future. It engages with all aspects of the social world including culture, ethnicity, class, inequality, gender, environment, politics, work, social justice, everyday life and individual group relationships.


Research projects


Departments and staff

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Research groups

Political Ecology Research Centre

The Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC) is dedicated to connecting groups and individuals whose work emphasises and critiques the relationships between society, environment and politics. PERC members study, teach, research and/or practise political ecology.

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