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Research expertise

Emergency management

Multi-disciplinary applied research to understand the impacts of natural, man-made and environmental disasters on communities and improve the way societies manage disaster reduction, readiness, response and recovery.


Healthy ageing

Our research is related to understanding the status and determinants of health and wellbeing for older New Zealand adults. It explores critical factors influencing inequalities in healthy ageing worldwide, including socioeconomic status, early life events, disability and health behaviours. We also look at how social and health care services support older people and their families undergoing major life transitions.


Income inequalities, poverty and homelessness

Our research focuses on addressing barriers that prevent people from maximizing their potential and living healthy lives. Current projects explore experiences of hardship, the practicalities of living wages, sustainable livelihoods, and the efficacy in service provisions. This involves collaborating with a range of communities and stakeholder groups.


Indigenous Māori psychology

A range of research aligned to a kaupapa Māori Indigenous psychology perspective, including clinical psychology, industrial/organisational psychology, disaster management, homelessness, long-term health conditions, and wairua/spirituality.


Mental health and addictions

Our evidence-based research primarily addresses significant practice issues in mental health and addictions service delivery. We also focus on risk aversion and workplace mental health for health workers, especially nurses.


Pacific-Indigenous humanitarian psychology

Innovative interdisciplinary research connecting with local and Pacific regional communities of Oceania, to improve the effectiveness and accountability of community resilience and development to climates of change, family violence prevention and intervention, forensic therapeutic rehabilitation, disaster preparedness, humanitarian response and post-emergency reconstruction.


Workplace ill treatment and stress

Expertise in workplace bullying, violence and other forms of ill-treatment in the workplace and how that affects employee productivity. Including cyberbullying and psychological stress caused by bullying.

We are developing a framework for prevention and management of workplace violence.


Research projects

Meet our graduates


International Media Psychology Laboratory

The International Media Psychology (IMP) Laboratory houses a state-of-the-art, fully ambulatory, room-scale Virtual Reality (VR) system for research investigating how humans interact with new and emerging VR technologies. The Laboratory Director is Dr Aaron Drummond and the laboratory is managed by Lauren Hall.

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Stress and Anxiety Research Society Lifetime Career Award

Health psychology lecturer Dr Linda Jones has received the Stress and Anxiety Research Society Lifetime Career Award for an academic career of applied research addressing issues around anxiety and stress in the dental profession and among patients.


    Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies

    The Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies is an open-access, peer-reviewed electronic journal for collating and distributing original research into social aspects of natural hazards, disasters and related psychological trauma, with a focus on Australasia.

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    Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology

    The journal aims to fill a void in contemporary psychology, with a focus on a region of the world that is extraordinarily vast, easily recognizable, and rich in cultural diversity. It includes Oceania, Australasia, East Asia and the Western Seaboard of the Americas, and the 'hub' in the wheel - the Hawaiian Islands and other Pacific Island Nations.

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    Take part in surveys

    Psychology research surveys

    Psychology staff and postgraduate students need participants for research projects. We would appreciate you taking the time to help us with our research.

    Research surveys

    Departments and staff

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    Research centres

      Health and Ageing Research Team

      The Health and Ageing Research Team (HART) was established in 2006 to undertake a programme of research related to understanding the status and determinants of health and wellbeing for older New Zealand adults.

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      Joint Centre for Disaster Research

      The Joint Centre for Disaster Research is an international centre for research and teaching in disaster risk and emergency management. It is a joint venture between Massey University School of Psychology and GNS Science.

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      International Centre of Excellence in Community Resilience

      The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk International Centre of Excellence in Community Resilience aims to discover how a community makes itself resilient to disasters.

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      Visiting Scholar Programme

      This programme supports visits to the School of Psychology by distinguished scholars.

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      Visiting International Researcher Fund

      This fund enhances collaborations between the School of Psychology and international researchers visiting the South Pacific.

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