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Our researchers are using techniques from areas such as computer science, contemporary genomics and statistics to decipher large biological systems such as DNA, RNA and chromatin information, including modelling genome dynamics. One focus is establishing how genetic variation is distributed within and between individuals and determining how this diversity changes over evolutionary time.



We have expertise in developing and implementing statistical methods for applications in the biological, ecological and health sciences, with expertise in linear and logistic regression, medical statistics and nutrition.


Complex biological networks

We bring together approaches from molecular, computational and evolutionary biology to understand how the networks in cellular processes function, and how changes at the molecular level translate into changes at the cellular and organismal level.


Ecological statistics

We create statistical tools for ecological applications, including models of ecological systems, species’ abundances, biodiversity and community ecology. We engage in active field-based ecological research, and consulting for environmental monitoring and impact assessment.



Massey University staff are working on world-leading collaborative research covering a range of areas related to infectious diseases and their transfer between the environment, animals and humans.

We have a broad range of specialists in animal, human and environmental health who are researching trends and solutions to emerging national and international public health issues caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses.


Mathematical modelling

We model continuum mechanics, flow in porous media, heat and mass transfer, geophysical systems and pollution transport, stellar dynamics and celestial mechanics, breathing and gas exchange and the spread of infectious diseases.



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    The EpiCentre is the largest veterinary epidemiology training and research centre in Australasia. It is widely considered to be one of the leading groups in the world. We have expertise in the understanding and control of disease in animal populations, the transmission of disease from animals to humans, and hazards in food of animal origin.

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    Infectious Disease Research Centre (IDReC)

    The Centre engages in applied research concerning multi-host pathogens and fundamental research regarding pathogen evolution and disease emergence. We cover the spectrum of population-based infectious disease research from microbiology, through population genetics, epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, disease ecology, statistics, mathematical modelling, and public health.

    Infectious Disease Research Centre


    The mEpiLab's works to improve the health of New Zealanders by developing and applying new techniques to inform decision making and guide the prevention and control of infectious disease.

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