Veterinary medicine and clinical studies research

Research expertise

Anaesthesia and critical care

Our anaesthesia specialists have a diverse range of research interests that include the evaluation of new anaesthetic drugs, improving pain relief, developing novel methods of monitoring patients and optimising fluid therapy, and understanding the causes of anaesthetic complications such as gastroesophageal reflux. Our critical care specialists are studying infectious disease control, and the molecular basis for blood vessel integrity in health, and its loss in disease.



We are researching new treatments for tendon injuries, investigating impact-induced fractures in bone tissue, and looking at the effects of age, exercise and disease on bone and cartilage microstructure.


Companion animal medicine

We have a broad range of research interests, with a particular focus in gastroenterology, infectious diseases, and diseases of the pancreas and liver. We have extensive experience developing novel diagnostic tests, and are interested in the complexities of optimal diagnostic testing and reasoning. The role of diet and microbiome in health and disease is an active area of research.


Companion animal surgery

Besides their technical expertise in the theatre, our surgical specialists are researching causes, treatments, and rehabilitation of surgical diseases. We are currently conducting studies into the cause and management of airway disease in brachycephalic dogs, developing bespoke titanium implants for stabilisation of lumbosacral joints, optimal surgical repair of working dog injuries, and the efficacy of rehabilitation methods following injury.


Medicine development for animals

Massey's fundamental scientists have expertise in developing hydrogels for delivering various pain killing drug preparations to animals.


Veterinary medicine for horses

Clinical research is undertaken to determine safety of newly-developed drugs/treatments for horses. We also operate controlled trials to compare efficacy of treatment.


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    Companion Animal Clinic

    Top-quality veterinary care for all types of small pets. Open to the public, we are the first choice veterinary clinic for local pets. You can also ask your veterinarian for a referral to us for difficult cases. For emergencies contact the Pet Emergency Centre.

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    Endocrinology services

    Massey University provide radioimmunoassay and ELISA methods to measure hormones and other biological compounds for commercial clients and for collaborative research projects in many different species.

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    Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Our highly skilled equine team offers a broad range of medical and surgical expertise. You can bring your horse in by appointment or ask your vet to refer your horse to us in difficult cases.

    We are supported by experienced and qualified anaesthetists, nurses, technicians, clinical pathologists, and diagnostic imaging specialists allowing us to provide 24-hour intensive care.

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    Farm Services Clinic

    Massey University’s Farm Services Clinic provides on-farm treatment for all farm animals as well as in-clinic consultations as required. We have a large animal hospital in Palmerston North providing ongoing care as well as advanced diagnostic imaging, intensive care and surgery for our patients.

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    Pathobiology service

    We provide histopathology support and interpretation, developing methods to quantify disease severity and study design for industry research.

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    Wildbase Hospital

    Wildbase Hospital is New Zealand's only dedicated wildlife hospital. We provide a nationwide service and are at the forefront of veterinary care of New Zealand’s native birds, half of which are classified as threatened or endangered.

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