Panel Summaries

Trade and Future Workforce


  • Professor Ted Zorn - Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Massey University Business School


  • Dr. Jackie Blue - Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Human Rights Commission
  • Barbara Cavanagh - Principal, Albany Senior High
  • Paul Gestro - Head of Asia Desk, Institutional Banking, BNZ
  • Professor Jarrod Haar - Professor in Management and Director of the Centre of Māori Business Research, Massey University

Key Points:

  • For a growing, vibrant economy, we need diverse human resources, in terms of age, gender, national origin
    • General agreement that a strategy for inclusion (not just diversity) is important
    • Businesses need to be educated on how to use these diverse human resources
    • Many older workers want challenge and satisfying work, not just going quietly into retirement
    • Also, new migrants need training and empowerment so that they can thrive (and not be taken advantage of)
  • The “survival skills” needed by today’s knowledge workers (eg, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, agility/adaptability, etc) won’t happen under old education models
    • North Auckland needs an education plan developed and supported by secondary and tertiary education institutions, businesses and local government to develop the workforce of the future
  • The Gateway programme ( is working well
    • Similar programmes – eg, Maori cadets – are needed to provide opportunities, and workplace preparedness

Businesses need to invest in R&D to create high value jobs and create the high tech economy we seek.