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Brodie Rowse

Bachelor of Science

My study at Massey has ended up being a bit changeable. I started off studying Resource and Environment Planning, but after a semester of sitting in lecture rooms, the lack of fresh air began to get to me. I made the switch to a BSc in Geography. The lab work and fieldwork strongly appealed to me and I was able to fill my electives with papers I found interesting. After a few semesters I looked deeper into my studies and realised my electives consequently qualified me for an Environmental Science minor. While I could have carried on and made this a major, I made the decision to finish the Geography major, find a job and focus on my potential for postgraduate Environmental Management in 2013.
In my degree I have learnt a variety of skills, including GIS, identifying land features, local and global environmental issues and testing. On top of this, being encourage to think outside the box and challenge ideas and being drawn into active, and sometimes heated, class debate has added to my understanding of my studies.
Studying at Massey is great, the campus atmosphere and lecturers are relaxed as. Living in Palmy is cheap, the flats aren’t as bad as they used to be, and if you need a break from the place, its central location means you can duck down to the beach, Wellington, wherever you want to in a very short time.
My advice to a new student would be, don’t just choose something just because your friend is doing it. Have a look around and find something that you’ll enjoy studying and in the end gives you a job you may want in the future. Remember short term pain is worth the long time gain, so if you find it hard, fight through it and you will benefit.

For more information about the course Brodie studied see Bachelor of Science.

Brodie Rowse

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