Information for prospective Recruitment Consultants (Agents)

Prospective Agents who want to represent Massey University

Selection and appointment process

Massey University is very selective in using agents and takes a proactive approach when identifying new agents. We currently have a large number of agents around the world, and we are now well-represented in most of the markets we are recruiting in. Therefore, Massey is not actively seeking new representation at this stage. Regulating the volume of our agent partnerships helps us give priority to our existing agents and provide the highest levels of service to them that we can. However, prospective agents may still send us an expression of interest as outlined below.

Application process to become a registered agent for Massey University

Please note that we are only able to assess agent applications between 30 April and 1 September each year.

Agents who would like to register with Massey University should email with a brief history and record of your Agency including:

  • A recent company profile, including the credentials and experience of all staff.
  • A list of other tertiary institutions that are represented by your company, including the approximate number of students sent annually to these institutions.
  • Two current references from tertiary institutions (preferably universities) that you represent.
  • A list of the recent performance of your agency for other New Zealand tertiary institutions.
  • A brief marketing plan for the promotion of Massey University in your identified market(s). We place a lot of importance on this and have therefore made this compulsory.

Selection Criteria

Appreciating the difficulty of a set selection criteria, what we look for includes, but is not limited to, the following. We have a specific number of students we require from each of our agents every year, and it differs across different markets. Please check with us by emailing us at:

  • The current market position and status of your agency in your own country
  • The number of staff trained or educated in New Zealand
  • The importance/status of your region and your market to New Zealand universities
  • The level of training required versus the outcomes we expect to obtain from your agency
  • The number of quality students your agency provides to New Zealand tertiary institutions each year
  • The quality of the marketing proposal you have submitted to Massey, whether or not it fits into our whole international plan, and whether or not it supports our own international recruitment strategy
  • The level of understanding your agency has about the programme offerings from Massey University, our strengths and our points of difference.
  • The conversion rate from applications to enrolments to your partnership institutions in New Zealand
  • Your level of service to students, and their satisfaction rate
  • Feedback on your agency from your reference and any other tertiary institutions you work with
  • Your level of professionalism and efficiency
  • Your level of collaboration in all matters such as sending student applications, follow up, conflict management in emergency issues, commission payment communications, student visa issues, etc
  • The number of agent change issues your agency is involved with each year
  • Your record with Education New Zealand and Immigration New Zealand 

The International Recruitment team do not appoint new agents whom we have not physically met or whose offices we have not visited.

In addition, we do not tend to appoint new agents who have not established a track record of success with New Zealand tertiary institutions. We require two references from New Zealand universities that the agency has already been working with, and we evaluate all marketing proposals to check they are in line with our needs and our preferred strategy. Given the large number of agents we already have, as well as our international recruitment strategy at the moment, we tend not to appoint new agents in the following markets:

  • China, NZ onshore, India, Nepal, African regions and the Middle East.

Please note that appointments are only initiated by a signed contract. We do not assume appointments after receiving an Expression of Interest.

Student applications from non-registered agents

A non-registered agent is welcome submit an application of admission to Massey University on behalf of a student. However, the student application will be considered as a direct application from the student, and all communications from us about the application will be directed to the student, not the agent. The non-registered agent will not receive any commission. 

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