Financial aid for Canadian students

Massey University participates in the Canadian Federal and Provincial Student Loan programmes. Our Institution Code is VUAY.

How to apply for Canadian student loans

Step 1: Submit your application to the Government of Canada

Check your eligibility and submit an application through your provincial/territorial student aid office. Contact us to complete your programme information section, if required.  You will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from your provincial/territorial student financial aid assistance office if you qualify.

Step 2: Complete your Confirmation of Enrolment

Contact us to fill out the Confirmation of Enrolment section on your Certificate of Eligibility. This step cannot be completed until after your classes have started.

Step 3: Submit your documents to the Government of Canada

You will send your Certificate of Eligibility and completed Confirmation of Enrolment to your provincial/territorial student financial assistance office. The funds will be paid directly to you by the relevant Canadian department.

Deferment of previous Canadian student loans

You can apply for interest-free status for your previous Canadian student loans and defer your repayment if you don’t receive Canadian student loans for your current study at Massey. Contact us for assistance with completing your Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2).

Claiming expenses through the Canadian Revenue Agency

We can also assist you with claiming educational expenses from your Canadian taxes through the TL11A Tuition and Enrolment Certificate.

Contact us

Amy Odom is available to help with your Canadian Student Grants and Loans. You can reach her by email or by phone at +64 6 951 6802.