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Sophie Fei

Sophie Fei close up at nighttime with her arms behind her head FROM CHINA

I am a Chinese master student who majored in communication management at School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing.

First, why Massey? To coming to Massey University was not a decision made by SWOT analysis. Instead, it was a pretty spontaneous choice.

After I made my mind to study abroad, my friends dragged me to a few lectures given by Massey academics who were visiting my former university in China. Then, I asked around about Massey University and New Zealand, re-watched the Lord of Rings trilogy, briefed Mom and Dad, got my visa application approved and here I am.

Looking back, it is hard to nail down one particular reason behind my decision. It could be a mix of the following factors:

  • my friendly professors who spoke to me at the lectures
  • my former tutor’s recommendations
  • the beautiful Middle Earth in the movies
  • my parents support, and
  • a young restless heart

Then, how did study with Massey turn out to be? Well, it is an unexpected journey filled with assignments and reports instead of orcs and a dragon. Otherwise, it is much like Bilbo’s journey to the Lonely Mountain in terms of self-development, cross-cultural experiences and skill enhancement.

Unlike Bilbo who walked through the dark forest with Sting (his Elvish dagger ), I study in class and do my assignments on my laptop with the help from academics and staff members. One thing needed to mention to someone who is considering to study this same program. Although it belongs to Business School, it has more to do with words and minds rather than numbers and cash. In addition, it is a more research-orientated than I once anticipated. I’ve spent most of my time on reading and writing to complete my papers, which is quite enjoyable to me.

Finally, hope this little blurb helps you someway!