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Information for international students about living and studying in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington and new Zealand.

General information on living and studying in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government's website New Zealand Now has lots of information to prepare you for living and studying in New Zealand.

Student accommodation at Massey University

You need to organise your accommodation before you arrive to New Zealand. Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington all have a variety of on campus accommodation options including Halls of REsidence, Residential Complexes, Apartments, Units and Homestays.

We have experienced staff who can help you find the right accommodation for your needs. Accommodation staff on our three campuses provide advice on everything from choosing Halls of Residence, information on private accommodation options, advice on signing tenancy agreements, dispute resolution, and budget management.

International students under the age of 18 years must live in Massey approved homestay accommodation, Massey approved designated caregiver accommodation or live with their parents.

Hall of Residence

Living in a hall of residence is a good option for someone who is new to New Zealand as it will allow you to make new friends with other Massey students.


The University is not responsible for private accommodation but the International Student Support office can offer advice and support to students living in or wanting to live in private accommodation. We can help you with knowing where to find accommodation, plus what to be aware of when renting in New Zealand.

Renting and you is a guide to the law and renting in New Zealand and contains information about your rights and obligations when renting a property in New Zealand.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is when a student lives with a local family in the family's home. Homestay is very popular for international students because this environment gives them the opportunity to practice English and learn about New Zealand culture in a safe and supportive environment. Homestay is also a good option for students from New Zealand who would benefit from living in a family environment.

All Massey University approved homestay accommodation is compliant with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016


In addition to your compulsory tuition fees, you will also have to pay for:

  • rent or board
  • food
  • power
  • internet
  • course-related costs (eg. books, laptops, etc)
  • mobile phone
  • public transport or car costs (eg. petrol, registration, warrant, parking, insurance, maintenance)
  • entertainment
  • toiletries/cosmetics
  • dentist/doctor bills (your health insurance will cover most of it)
  • clothes

Studying and living costs provides information on starting study and living costs while studying.

NZReady is a useful planning tool to help you move and settle in New Zealand.