Student visas

New to Massey - before arrival in New Zealand

Before you arrive in New Zealand to start your studies, you should have a valid student visa from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). This will allow you to travel and enter the country. When you enter New Zealand your passport will be stamped.

All international students must have a valid visa while in New Zealand, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your student visa is valid at all times. 

Police certificate

All international students who wish to study in New Zealand are required to be of good character. Sometimes Immigration New Zealand requires you to submit a police certificate from your home country when applying for a visa. Police certificates are normally valid for 3 years from the date of issue. See how to get a police certificate for more details.

How to renew your student visa

Please renew your student visa as early as possible and before your current visa is due to expire. If you need any advice or guidance please contact our team at We have a checklist available to help guide students through the process in addition to the information on this page.  Student Visa Renewal Checklist (106 KB)

Steps for applying for your student visa through Immigration Online:

  1. Create your Immigration online account via the Immigration New Zealand website.

  2. Complete your student visa application and upload the following required documents:

    Confirmation of offer

New students
You will need to provide your Offer of Place. In the student portal, select "All messages" from the messages section at the top of the page, and locate the message with the offer.

Returning students
You will need to provide your Confirmation of Enrolment. In the student portal, select "All messages" from the messages section at the top of the page, and locate the message with your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Part-time students
If the reason you are studying part-time is because it is your last semester request for a confirmation letter from Academic Advice to support your student visa application.

If there is another academic reason why you are studying part-time, request for a confirmation letter from Academic Advice to be included into your visitor visa and a variation of condition application.

Proof of payment of fees

New students
In the student portal, select "All messages" from the messages section at the top of the page, and locate the message with your Receipt of Payment.

Returning students
In the student portal, click the Fees and finance tab and locate your Statement of Account.

Attendance and academic records

New students
You will need to provide attendance records and academic records from your tertiary institution. 

Returning students
Only students studying a Certificate in Foundation Studies, Certificate of University Preparation, Direct Entry English Pathway (DEEP) and Advanced Direct Entry English Pathway need to supply an attendance record. This can be obtained by contacting Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE).

All students need to supply an academic record. To obtain your record in the student portal, click the Results and exams tab and then study history report.

Evidence of funds for living costs

You would also need to provide evidence of funds for living costs plus the cost of a return airfare ie 6 months bank statement with a current balance of NZ$16,500 for a 1 year student visa. For short programmes, NZ$1,250 per month plus NZ$1,500 for the cost of a return airfare.

PhD students

PhD students are required to provide additional documents:

    • supervisor letter – this should include your supervisor’s names, thesis title and expected submission date
    • thesis proposal, CV and Additional Information Form (INZ1200).

Email your updated visa to us

As soon as you receive your updated visa, send a copy of your e-visa to to maintain your enrolment. For new students, please ensure you provide evidence of your visa before the start of your programme of study. For returning students, please ensure it is sent to us before your current visa expires.

Need help? 

Email our visa and insurance team on

When should I apply for a Variation of Condition?

You need to ensure that you meet all the conditions stated on your visa, otherwise Immigration New Zealand has the right to cancel your student visa and not proceed with your future work visa application after you finish your studies.  

If you change your study programme, Massey campus study location or any other changes, you need to apply for a variation of condition with Immigration New Zealand. Some changes, like down grading to a lower level of study, will require a visa change. If you have further visa queries, please contact us at

What should I do if my visa has expired?

You need to submit a paper visa request under Section 61 through Immigration New Zealand if your visa has expired. If you are unlawfully in New Zealand you are under a legal obligation to leave and the following applies:

  • you are not allowed to work or study
  • you will not be allowed to access healthcare.

Immigration New Zealand may consider granting you a visa under section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 but only in special cases. 

Post-study work visa

For some of you, after you have completed your studies, you can apply with Immigration NZ for a post-study work visa