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How to apply as an International Student

To be considered for admission at Massey University, International Students must apply and provide the necessary supporting documents to enable assessment to occur. All applications will be acknowledged and assessed for eligibility. 

All individual applicants

Massey University provides individual international applicants with the ability to apply online.

Apply online

Students under 18 years old
If you are under 18 years old, the New Zealand Ministry of Education requires your parent(s) to complete and sign an additional document on your behalf which is found on the on the online application. There are also special accommodation requirements for students under 18 years.

Registered Massey University Agent

When applying to study at Massey University, you can use the services of one of our registered education agents to support you through the application process.

The agent can provide you with information about Massey's programmes of study, assist you with selecting the best campus for you, send your application and supporting documents to us on your behalf, provide you with step by step information about our application process, and also assist you with your application for a student visa.

The use of one of our agents will not affect the outcome of your application or acceptance to study at Massey. 

View a list of all our registered agents

Applying as a study abroad or exchange student

Please refer to our Study Abroad section, or if you are ready to apply for the Study Abroad programme, use the Study Abroad application.

Application checklist for international students

When applying to study with us the first step is to apply for admission. Once you have been accepted you can then apply for enrolment in courses. To help plan your study and application follow the steps in these checklists. If you need any assistance please contact us.

Application checklist