MPOWER hosts events throughout the year.  In addition MPOWER co-host events with other institutions and organisations like HRNZ and the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW) at Victoria University of Wellington.  Being an MPOWER member allows you to gain access to these events for free or at a reduced cost.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please email Jane Parker, the MPOWER coordinator. 

Forthcoming MPOWER events and activities

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  • MPOWER-Massey Business School and the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW) at Victoria University of Wellington co-organised seminars on working life in New Zealand on 12 and 14 November 2019. Most of the powerpoints for the presentations can be found below:P

Past Events

Some of MPOWER's past events and its involvement in others have associated resources (see below):




  • SA Partners Continuous Improvement Conference (supported by MPOWER), 30 August
  • Labour and Industry Journal - special issue on transformative technology and the future of employment relations
  • 2017 women's careers and aspirations survey research report (available on this site):  Final Report.pdf (1,355 KB)
  • 2017 executive and management education survey report (commissioned by IMNZ) was reported at IMNZ offices in Auckland and Wellington in May:  survey report final.pdf (2,266 KB)
  • 2nd MPOWER Health and Safety Seminar, 25 July with speakers A.-Prof. Ian Laird, Dr David Tappin and Deirdre Farr: Poster -MPOWER RESEARCH SEMINAR.pptx (855 KB)  This followed an earlier seminar by Ian and David


  • SA Partners Continuous Improvement Conference (supported by MPOWER), 7 September. Included various speakers, including MPOWER members Chris Till (CEO, HRINZ); Mark Powell (CEO-in-residence, Massey Business School); and Assoc-Prof Jonathan Elms (Director, Massey's Centre for Advanced Retail Studies):  NZ Conference 2016-1.pdf (528 KB)
  • MPOWER overseas visitor seminar by Dr Stephane Le Queux, 30 May, presenting recent research with Dr Stephanie Graff (JCU) on 'Citizenship and Independence Frontiers in New Caledonia'. Flyer:  Seminar notes:  Graff Le Queux Massey Handout May 2016.docx (7,507 KB)
  • Linda Tirado - public talk and discussion, 18 May (supported in part by MPOWER), US author of Hand to Mouth: The Truth About Being Poor in a Wealthy World and American anti-poverty activist, spoke about poverty in wealthy countries like New Zealand and the US. Flyer: 
  • MPOWER Panel Seminar, 9 March, "Changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000: One Year On', with Helen White (Helen White Law), Fraser St John-Atkins (Elephant HR) and Jeff Sissons (General Council, NZ Council of Trade Unions) as speakers. Flyer:  Speaker resources: White (paper): 9 March - Helen White (762 KB) ; Atkins (ppts): 9 March - Fraser Atkins (2,197 KB) ; Sissons (ppts): 9 March - Jeff Sissons (991 KB)
  • EPIC-MPOWER seminar, 12 February, by Prof. Molefe Maleka on "The importance of a Living Wage in South Africa" on 12 February 2016. Flyer:  and powerpoints:  Molefe presentation on LW.pptx (4,603 KB)  
  • MPOWER seminar by an overseas visiting scholar, January: A-Prof. Hari Bapuji (Uni. of Manatoba) on organisational strategy, inequality and impact: Video recording: and flyer:  MPOWER seminar - Assoc_-Prof Bapuji (26 January 2016).docx (625 KB)  




  • Since 2013, MPOWER has offered an annual award to post-graduate and emerging academics at Massey who demonstrate considerable promise with their chosen research project or proposal in the broad area of 'people and work management'. For several years, these awards were presented at the SA Partners' Continuous Improvement Conference at Massey's Albany Campus. In 2018, they were awarded at the Massey University School of Management Internship Presentation Event. In 2019, this award and MPOWER awards for the top scholar in individual post-graduate HRM and employment relations courses at Massey University were presented at the Massey Business School Academic Excellence Award event at the University's Albany campus. 

Overall award winners


  • No award


  • Betul Taskin, with her Masters thesis, 'HR Managers' Perceptions of the HR Function and Workplace Bullying in the Health Sector in New Zealand and Turkey.'


  • Erin Burrell, with her Masters project, 'Discrimination or Diversity? A Balanced Score Card review of perceptions of gender quotas'; and
  • Dr Kate Bone, with her early career research project, 'Co-working and Well-Being in New Zealand.'


  • Kasuni Weerasinghe, with her PhD project, 'Big data in NZ healthcre: A socio-cognitive approach'; and
  • Murray Brown, with his Masters project, 'Management perceptions of NZ's ageing labour force: a resource-based view'.

In the past, the awards have been presented by the MPOWER co-directors and a senior industry representative. In 2019, a single award will be made by the hosts of the Massey Business School Academic Excellence Event. More details about this year's event will follow shortly.