What is MPOWER?

MPOWER is the Massey People, Organisation, Work and Employment Research group. The term MPOWER indicates a research focus on the management of people in the workplace and organisations with a view to empowering people and organisations to perform.

It is a cross-campus, cross-college and cross-institution initiative to enhance, promote and build on Massey’s expertise in the management of people in the workplace and organisations. The group aims to increase Massey’s reputation for expertise in the area of people management; enhance engagement with relevant industry; and leverage our expertise into income generation.

MPOWER mission

MPOWER’s mission is to connect and focus research activity and output from academic staff and post-graduate researchers in broad themes within the field of people management at work.

What does MPOWER do?

The research group seeks to:

  • profile Massey’s people management research to internal and external stakeholders;
  • increase Massey’s attractiveness as a base for academic research and preferred choice for post-graduate study in this domain;
  • deliver better market research activities and expertise via increased Massey capacity in research connections and collaboration;
  • provide a platform for fostering inter-/trans-disciplinary connections, relationships and research collaboration with external stakeholders; and
  • seek income through external research grants, contract research and partnerships.

MPOWER’s core areas of research

MPOWER’s core research areas include:

  • human resource management (HRM);
  • employment relations (ER);
  • people management and performance;
  • equality, culture and diversity; and
  • employee engagement, health and well-being.


The group focuses on but is not restricted to these areas. The diagram signifies different analytical lenses through which the research areas can be analysed (e.g. with regard to Māori, gender, leadership, critical management and cross-Pacific perspectives and mixed methodologies).



“We are always looking for HR or people management-related research to refine our HR advice and training.”

Angela Atkins
Director, Elephant HR
President (Auckland Branch), HRINZ

Post-graduate researchers

“MPOWER is an exciting new hub that will enable post-graduates to access information and interact with people relevant to their area of research. MPOWER will also provide a forum for collaboration to help address key issues faced by New Zealand organisations.”

Lindsay Eastgate
Massey School of Management post-graduate (ER)

Research centre

“With MPOWER, we can collaborate on projects where we have more power together - plus events, seminars, conferences, etc.”

Tim Bentley
Former Director
New Zealand Work and Research Institute, AUT