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Eighth International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD)

Conference theme: Strategic Communication in the Digital Age

25 - 28 January 2016,
Wellington, New Zealand

Programme Chair: Dr Jenny Hou

 Is it possible to completely avoid the Internet nowadays? Is it possible to keep ourselves and our lives separate from new digital social media? Since mothers post ultrasound photos of their babies before giving birth, babies may be online even before they are born. It is hard not to leave a footprint in the digital world. The rapid proliferation and advancement of technologies have offered unprecedented opportunities for personal, organizational and social developments that our predecessors could only dream about. In light of this reality, the theme of the 2016 International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD)– Strategic Communication in the Digital Age – invites delegates to explore, interrogate and reflect on the emerging field of strategic communication in light of big data, crowd-sourcing, social media and other burgeoning digital technologies that expand the information and expertise available to us. Strategic Communication in the Digital Age also points to fundamental questions about what it means to be “strategic” and what the ultimate value of strategic communication is in the digital age. [more...]


Conference Agenda 190116.pdf (184 KB)


The main language for the conference and all plenary sessions is English. There will be concurrent sessions in Chinese depending on the number of requests from delegates. Please indicate your preferred language in the abstract submission form.



The special issues of the following journals will be proposed, based on papers that reflect on the conference theme are submitted, selected and peer-reviewed:

1. PRism 

2. Public Relations Review:

3. Telematics and Informatics:

In addition, all abstracts accepted for the conference and revised to the reviewers’ satisfaction after peer review will be published in the 2016 PRAD Conference Proceeding.


Call for reviewers

We are recruiting volunteer reviewers (either in English or Chinese) for this conference. Please indicate your interest as a reviewer in the online submission form. Benefits of reviewing include:

•Reviewing gives you an opportunity to be proactive in the program planning process

•It is a way to learn about what constitutes excellent and interesting work.

•It is a way to give back to your professional community.


Pre-conference Features

Postgraduate symposium and early career researchers workshop

We are delighted to invite postgraduate and doctoral students to attend the free preconference symposium on 25th January, which provides an excellent opportunity to network, take part in interactive workshops with well-established scholars, discuss research proposals, and to share challenges and insights.

Click this PDF for details: [missing FMS file]