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Communication, Journalism and Marketing Seminars

The School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing run research seminars where you can find out more about our research.

CJM Research Seminar Series: How to Build Sustainable Research Themes – An Empirical Evidence

Semester Two 2019

Presenter - Associate Professor Henry Chung 

Date: 18 November 2019

Venue: The Atrium AT1

Time: 12.00pm – 1.00pm


In this unique seminar, I will demonstrate how to develop a research stream/path using a key theoretical conceptualization that was originally initiated in Academy of Management Journal (2000), Strategic Management Journal (2001), Journal of International Business Studies (2009), Journal of Marketing (2011) and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2008). The key conceptualization that I have used, is the managerial ties/guanxi networking constructs (business and political managerial ties). To develop this research stream, I have used main theories such as social networking, organizational networking (bright and dark side), market orientation (MO), export market orientation (EMO), entrepreneurial orientation (EO), organizational learning, contingency theory, standardization/customization and immigrant enterprise literature. By extending the practice of Peng & Luo (2000), Park & Luo (2001), Li et al. (2009), Luo et al. (2008) and Sheng et al. (2011), I have successfully built up a research portfolio, in at least three key research themes (B2B, Exporting/International Marketing & Management and Immigrant Enterprise) over a decade period (first paper appears in 2011, IMM). In total this research stream has generated 4 A* and 4 A papers (ABDC ranking), with around 360 citations on Google Scholar. The appearance of these papers have attributed paper review invitations from JIBS, JIBP, IMM, EJM and many others and SI editor invitation (e.g., IMM, APJML).   

I hope that my experience would be helpful for you to build your own research stream.

Associate Professor Henry Chung, Massey University Auckland Campus