2019 Seminar Series | Albany Campus

Date and Time Venue Presenter Paper Discipline
2 December
11.00am - 12.00pm
TBC Debdulal Mallick
Deakin University
TBA Economics

21 November
10.30am - 11.30am
AT4 | Streamed Professor Hal Pawson
Addressing Sydney's housing supply challenge; the possible contributions of urbanrenewal and marketing restructuring Property

08 November
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB1 Prof Antje Berndt
The Decline of Too Big to Fail Finance

08 November
11.00am - 12.00pm
QB1 Associate Professor Giang Thanh Long
Aging Population and the Contributory Pension Scheme in Vietnam: Financial Challenges and Policy Reforms Economics

25 October
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB7 Dr Pedro Matos
Responsible Institutional Investing Around the World Finance

18 October
3.00pm - 4.00pm
AT7 Dr Yeguang Chi
SAIF Shanghai Jiaotong University
Growth Tilt of Chinese Stock Mutual Funds Finance

11 October
11.00am - 12.00pm
QB3 Associate Professor Nathan Berg
Cash-multiple Heuristic (CMH) for Calculating Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Linking Bounded and Unbounded Rationality Economics

04 October
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QA4 Dr Ruhul Samin
Curtin University
Evolution of Mining Employment during the Resource Boom and Bust Cycles in Australia? Economics

03 October
12.00pm - 1.00pm
QB1 Dr Justin Nguyen
Labor Adjustment Costs and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Labor Skills Finance

20 September
3.00pm - 4.00pm
MBS 2.15 Dr Buhui Qiu
University of Sydney
Does It Pay to be Socially Connected with Wall Street? Evidence from Cost of Equity Finance

06 September
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB7 Professor Stephen Easton
University of Newcastle
Loss Aversion and High Stakes. Finance

30 August
11.00am - 12.00pm
QB6 Dr Van Vu
La Trobe University
Do Banks Learn from Financial Markets? Evidence from Loan Contract Design. Finance

22 August
12.00pm - 1.00pm
AT4 Professor Eliezer Fich
Drexel University
Class Action Spill over Effects on Joint Venture Partners. Finance

16 August
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB7 Professor Jerry T Parwada Superstar Fund Managers: Talent Revelation or Just Glamor? Finance

26 July
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB1 Dr Ning Gong
Deakin University
Beyond Culture: How does International Migration Affect Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions? Finance

7 June
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB7 Dr Thanh Huynh
Monash University
Temperature and Productivity: Evidence from Plant-Level Data Finance

3 May
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB3 Dr Lily Nguyen
University of Queensland
Foreign Expansion and Corporate Innovation: Cross-Country Evidence Finance

12 April
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB7 Associate Professor Jin Yu
Monash University
Credit Default Swaps and Debt Overhang Finance

22 March
11.00pm - 12.00pm
QA4 Professor Evzen Kocenda
Charles University, Czech Republic
Volatility Co-movements, Hedging and Spillovers in New EU Foreign Exchange Markets Finance

22 February
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB4 Dr Mamiza Haq
University of Queensland
CEO Pay Gap and Bank Risk-taking Finance

20 February
12.00pm - 1.00pm
QB1 Professor Ying Huang
Zhejiang University
How Does Mutual Fund Working Experience Affect Private Fund Performance? Finance

11 January
3.00pm - 4.00pm
QB3 Dr Youngho Chang
Singapore University of Social Sciences
Energy R & D Investments and Emissions Abatement Policy Finance