• Building financially capable communities: our pathways to success


    Conference: November 28 - 30 2019

Fin-Ed Centre Conferences and Workshops

2019 Conference 

NZ Cash

Building Financially Capable Communities: Our Pathways to Success

The international academic and practitioner conference brought together policy-makers, academics, corporate and community sectors and provided a platform for discussion and learning across research and practice in the field of financial capability.

2016 Conference

Fin-Ed 2016 Conference

Exploring Cultural Perception of Money and Wealth

The conference brought together practicioners, academics and government agencies. The aim was to share information on cultural perceptions related to money and wealth, discuss best practice models and develop better interventions to influence changes in financial behaviour.

Money Week

The Fin-Ed Centre was heavily involved in Money Week have run a number workshops on personal money management and financial literacy.

Test you financial pulse surveys have also been conducted with the main aims of:

  • To raise individual awareness of critical aspects of money management.
  • To research overall patterns of personal money management.